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Regent University not only offers a range of online degree programs but also tips for success for online students.

Continuing Education

Looking for continuing education classes that fit your interests, academic pursuits and career goals? At Regent, continuing education can take the form of nondegree coursework, graduate certificates, bachelor’s-level degree completion, education workshops for professional development, and a wide range of individual courses you can pursue online or on campus.

Choose from over 150+ areas of study, such as education, psychology, business, cybersecurity, Christian ministry, human services, healthcare management, and more. Many individual college courses from our bachelor’s and master’s degree programs may be pursued online.

If you want to test the waters by taking a course without committing to a full-fledged degree, Regent’s nondegree options are a great fit! Learn more about our nondegree student admission process for your area of interest.

If you already have an undergraduate degree and want to update your credentials or gain additional expertise without earning a full degree, consider Regent’s Certificates of Graduate Studies or Certificates of Advanced Graduate Studies. Certificates of Post-Doctoral Studies are also available. Please note that some certificates may have prerequisites for admission.

If you have a mixture of college credit you would like to maximize toward degree completion, a professional studies program may be the right solution. Explore the following concentrations, and speak with a Regent admissions counselor.

Online Or On Campus

B.S. in Professional Studies (with the following concentrations)

If you are an educator looking to satisfy licensure or recertification requirements, or are interested in improving your teaching practices, consider Regent’s professional development courses, available at reduced tuition rates.

Learn more about the professional development courses for educators now.


  • Traditional Non-Degree Program: Billed at $250 per credit hour. Capped at 9 credits.
  • Preparatory Coursework: Eligible for federal student loans only. The preparatory coursework program bills at the CAS discounted $250 per credit hour rate.
  • Early College: Billed at $155 (COVID special rate of $75 for summer 1920 and 2021). Rewarding Educational Performance Scholarship available for students that matriculate into a degree-seeking program.
  • Fall 2020: Suffolk Christian Academy Early College

Traditional Non-Degree Program: Billed at standard per credit hour rate. Capped at 12 credits.

Traditional Non-Degree Program: Billed normal rate ($650). Capped at 9 credits.

  • General Non-Degree: Billed at $330 per credit hour. On campus semester fee $415, online is $295.
  • Certificate Programs: $330 per credit hour. On campus semester fee $415, online is $295. Capped at 12 credits.
  • Pastor’s Program: One course per calendar year. $150 total cost for the course. On campus semester fee $415, online is $295.
    • Alumni Program: One course per semester. $100 total cost. On campus semester fee $415, online is $295.

General Certificate Programs: Billed at $200 per credit hour.

Certificate of Graduate Studies. Capped at 12 credit hours.

Traditional Non-Degree Program: Billed at J.D. rate.


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