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Students at the Regent University library: Learn about early college tuition and costs.

Tuition & Scholarships


The Early College Program provides you the opportunity to study at a reduced tuition cost at one of the world’s premier Christian universities.

Regent University’s tuition per year for enrolled undergraduates is already about $25,000 less than other private, nonprofit, four-year institutions, so the additional tuition savings you’ll receive as an Early College student is even more substantial. Each credit earned in the Early College program costs only $75 per credit hour!

Scholarship Opportunity


A good “REP” has its rewards! You deserve to be rewarded for academic excellence. Regent is proud to offer the Rewarding Educational Performance (REP) Program within our Early College opportunity. When you enroll as an Early College student at Regent University, you’ll automatically become eligible to participate in this tuition-reward program — valued up to $2,250!

Here are three simple steps to qualify:

  1. Enroll as an Early College student at Regent through our regionally accredited dual-enrollment program. (Early College tuition is comparable to community colleges.)
  2. Earn a B letter grade or better for each Early College class. Regent will reserve a scholarship in the amount of the tuition cost for each course – up to $2,250 (30 credit hours).*
  3. Upon high school graduation, enroll as a full-time, on-campus student within our College of Arts & Sciences to redeem your scholarship during your first semester of classes.

What counts as a “B” letter grade?
Students must receive an 83 or above in their Early College coursework to be eligible for the REP Program.

When can I use the scholarship award?
The award is applied for the first semester of the student’s freshman year.

Will I still be eligible for the REP Program if I take a gap year?
Students should still be eligible for this award if they take a gap year. However, they cannot take college credit at another institution in between their Early College courses and coming to Regent for a degree program and still be eligible for this award.

How can I apply the REP Program award?
Early College students need to ask the Office of Advising to have the award credited to their account for their first semester of freshman year.

Please direct any questions about the Regent REP and Early College programs to 757.352.4385 or advising@​regent.​edu. Our advisors are looking forward to working with you!