School of Business & Leadership Degrees

The School of Business & Leadership’s graduate programs deliver a unique synthesis of established theory, contemporary thought and Judeo-Christian values. Each program offers the opportunity for you to create substantial results that provide the tools, strategies, and tactics you need to be successful. Explore each of our degree programs below.


33 Credit Hours | Online

The Master of Arts in Business & Design Management, offered exclusively online with no on-campus residency requirement, offers you the hands-on product and service development tools used by designers, product managers, entrepreneurs and leaders. Increase your effectiveness and advance your influence in the global marketplace. You will explore business design planning as it relates to technological changes, competition, growth management and strategic thinking – all from a Christian perspective. You will also gain skills in prototyping, innovation, and consumer behavior necessary for innovative start-up companies. Learn how to plan campaigns, market products, generate support and optimize your communication skills to succeed in your career.

M.A. in Business & Design Management

33 Credit Hours | Online

The Master of Arts in Church Leadership, offered exclusively online with no on-campus residency requirement, will equip you with a biblical education firmly grounded in organizational leadership required in today’s ministry settings. With a focus on motivating teams, strategic thinking, spiritual formation, and corporate and personal ethics, you will be prepared to lead in church, parachurch, missions, and marketplace contexts.

M.A. in Church Leadership

33 Credit Hours | Online

The Master of Arts in Not-for-Profit Leadership, offered exclusively online with no on-campus residency requirement, was developed specifically for those who lead, or aspire to lead, not-for-profit or faith-based organizations. You will explore in-depth critical leadership and organizational development topics with a focus on conflict resolution and negotiation, strategic thinking, fundraising and service-focused management. You will also learn how to increase organizational effectiveness and successfully manage change from a Christian perspective.

M.A. in Not-for-Profit Leadership


42 Credit Hours | On Campus or Online

The Master of Business Administration is a top-ranking program for faculty credentials and training and, along with our on-campus MBA, is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools & Programs. You’ll learn within a strong Christian foundation so that you are prepared to serve your profession with excellence and greater value.

MBA — Accounting

MBA — Economics

MBA — Entrepreneurship

MBA — Finance & Investing

MBA — General Management

MBA — Healthcare Management

MBA — Human Resource Management

MBA — Innovation Management

MBA — Kingdom Business

MBA — Leadership

MBA — Marketing

MBA — Not-for-Profit Management

MBA — Servant Management

MBA — Small Business Data Analytics

MBA — Small Business Information Technology

MBA Organizational Performance & Student Learning Success Reports

MBA Organizational Performance Data

MBA Learning Success Data


30 Credit Hours | Online

The Master of Science in Business Analytics, presented from a Christian worldview, is offered exclusively online and provides you broad, in-depth training in one of the fastest growing career fields. In today’s market, remarkably powerful computers, high-speed internet communications and complex statistical algorithms help modern corporations stay competitive. Gain the skills needed to become a well-trained data scientist and provide organizations with more efficient ways to operate. This program also emphasizes ethical uses of data and specific strategies to protect the integrity of data and privacy of individuals and organizations. You will learn to explain, illustrate and predict valuable data-driven, decision-making insights. You will also become proficient in business processes, high-level mathematics, computer science and statistics, predictive analytics, data mining, optimization, risk analysis and data visualization.

M.S. in Business Analytics 


60 Credit Hours | Online

The Doctor of Strategic Leadership (DSL), offered online with minimal on-campus residency, is a terminal professional degree that will help you meet today’s organizational challenges so that you’re prepared to renew and transform systems and teams. The DSL emphasizes leadership, communication, structure, team building and cultural understanding from a Christian perspective. You will be grounded in theory and practical components essential to organizational success.

DSL — Ecclesial Leadership

DSL — Global Consulting

DSL — Healthcare Leadership

DSL — Individualized

DSL — Leadership Coaching

DSL — Servant Leadership

DSL — Strategic Foresight

DSL — Strategic Leadership


60 Credit Hours | Online

The Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership, offered online with minimal on-campus residency, is a research-based terminal degree that will prepare you to influence and invigorate organizations around the world as a scholar, teacher or business leader.

Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership — Ecclesial Leadership

Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership — Entrepreneurial Leadership

Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership — Human Resource Development

Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership — Individualized Studies

Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership — Organizational Leadership