Regent University’s School of Business & Leadership faculty helps students develop a global perspective.


Message From The Dean

As businesses, organizations and churches expand further into the fast-moving, global marketplace, so too has the need for leaders who cultivate significant, far-reaching impact — and who do so ethically and morally. Regent University faculty in the graduate School of Business & Leadership are as dedicated to you as they are to their areas of expertise. They are distinguished scholars, skilled practitioners and published authors who provide the global perspective you need to be effective in today’s increasingly global marketplace. But more than this, these highly skilled individuals are invested in your success.

At Regent, you can expect your faculty to mentor, guide and encourage you to make the most of your graduate experience. You’ll capitalize not only on their expertise, but also on their demonstration of Christ-first character and the difference it can make in the leader you’ll become. You can also expect high-quality academics. U.S. News & World Report consistently ranks Regent’s online MBA program among the “Best” both statewide and nationally. Likewise, our leadership programs are well-respected and offer a range of in-demand concentrations.

I want to personally assure you that by choosing Regent’s School of Business & Leadership, you are choosing a program that seeks to help you advance confidently, emboldened by a servant’s heart while prepared to make the hard business decisions. Here, you will harness your creativity, business acumen and character as a Christian leader set on changing the world.

Meet Our Faculty

Steve Firestone, Ph.D.

Director, M.A. in Organizational Leadership/Church Leadership,
Associate Professor

John E. Mulford, Jr., Ph.D.

Director, Center for Entrepreneurship,

Gary Oster, DSL

Director, M.A. in Business & Design Management; M.S. in Business Analytics,

Kathleen A. Patterson, Ph.D.

Director, Doctor of Strategic Leadership,

Greg Stone, Ph.D.

Director, Master of Business Administration Program,

Bruce E. Winston, Ph.D.

Director, Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership,



David Boisselle, DSL
Maurice Buford, Ph.D.
MaryJo Burchard, Ph.D.
Kathleen Cabler, DSL
Steven Crowther, Ph.D.
Debra Dean, Ph.D.
Barry Doublestein, DSL
Pamela Fields, DSL
Dail Fields, Ph.D.
Claire Foster, MBA
Robert Freeborough, Ph.D.
Bob Habib, DSL
Justin Hamrick, DSL
Joshua Henson, Ph.D.
Russell Huizing, Ph.D.
Brian Knight, Ph.D.
Melissa McDermott, Ph.D.
Jeanne McDonnell, Ph.D.
Steven Renz, Ph.D.
Lisa Renz, Ph.D.
Virginia Richardson, DSL
Arthur Satterwhite, DSL
Carlo Serrano, Ph.D.
Ron Sones, Ph.D.
Judy Steiner-Williams, Ed.D. (ABD)
Seth Stone, DSL
Jeffrey Suderman, DSL
William David West, Ph.D.
Diane M. Wiater, Ph.D.
David Winner, Ph.D.
Andy Wood, Ph.D.
Amanda Wynn, Ph.D.