Doctor of Philosophy in Organizational Leadership
Degree Program

Online Ph.D. Degree Overview

The online Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership is a research-based terminal degree that ignites the passions and ethical leadership abilities of strategic mid-career professionals and entrepreneurs through its multidisciplinary theoretical approach, enabling graduates to teach, research, and prepare entrepreneurial leadership development programs. Regent University's online leadership Ph.D. program offers a values-oriented educational perspective based on a biblical foundation and Christian worldview, a substantive distinction for our doctoral program.

Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership Degree Highlights

Courses: Leadership students in our online Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership program learn using an autonomous learning model, progressing together through a standard core curriculum prior to focusing their doctoral studies on one of five concentrations: Entrepreneurial Leadership | Ecclesial Leadership | Human Resource Development | Organizational Leadership | Individualized

Course Map: See course sequence and descriptions.

Length: 60 credits. May be completed in as little as four years. Students may begin the program in the fall, spring or summer semester.

Format: Offered in an autonomous learning model. Students may begin the program in the fall or summer semesters. All Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership courses are offered as a flexible online graduate degree. Two, four-day on-campus residencies are required. The first residency begins the program and the second residency occurs after the completion of a set of courses. Residencies are offered in the fall, spring and summer semesters.

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Career Outcomes

The Doctor of Philosophy in Organizational Leadership degree will prepare you for positions as a college or university professor, consultant, or leadership development department head.

Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership degree graduates will:

  • Conduct research that advances theories of entrepreneurial leadership and organizational studies.
  • Determine appropriate organizational leadership theories to analyze, explain and predict organizational phenomena.
  • Conduct consulting assistance to a client, improving the client's organization.
  • Explain what contributes to successful teaching of organizational leadership in an online environment.
  • Conduct exegetical and hermeneutical research of the sacred Scriptures to explore the biblical roots and applications of organizational leadership concepts.
  • Present at a national or international face-to-face or virtual academic conference.
  • Analyze prevailing world social, cultural, religious and political conditions and trends' impact on leadership theory and practice.
  • Explain effective communication across cultural and linguistic boundaries.
  • Compare leadership theories from a global perspective.
  • Understand how to positively impact global organizations and communities from a biblical perspective.

Student Support

The faculty and staff of the School of Business & Leadership value students and truly want to see each succeed. Throughout the program and when life challenges arise, we want to provide as much support as possible to encourage students to continue on their educational journey and complete their degree. Our Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership students are assigned a Ph.D. professor to serve as an advisor during the program.

Ph.D. Degree Program Policies

Ph.D. students will follow all of the Regent University Policies found in the Regent University Catalog and the Regent University Student Handbook. Also, the School of Business & Leadership requires that all Ph.D. students either be continuously enrolled or on an approved leave of absence. Please keep in mind that the leave of absence does not extend the seven-year time limit to complete the Ph.D. If you wish to request a leave of absence, please discuss the option with your academic advisor. For more details on important program specific policies please review the Ph.D. policies.

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