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A family smiles while looking at a laptop: Access academic advising for online students.

Office of Advising – Online Undergraduate & Graduate

How can an Academic Advisor help you?

At Regent, students have a team of professional academic advisors passionate about helping students achieve success in their academic and spiritual life. Throughout your educational program, we provide you with university resources and caring and practical support. Each student is assigned to a unique team of advisors knowledgeable about your chosen degree and skilled in equipping you with the various tools to guide you toward graduation.

Research proves that online students, particularly adult learners, require encouragement, time management planning, and proactive outreach and attention from their advising team to aid in their quest for success, degree progression, retention, and graduation.

Foundational Studies for New Students

Whether you are an online undergraduate student or a graduate student, we offer a foundational course that best prepares you for the nuances of your college degree.

Undergraduate Online Students

A student at Regent, a university that provides academic advising for online students.

Balancing a commitment to completing your undergraduate education with family, career and ministry priorities can be challenging. It is essential to begin or resume your college journey with courses designed to prepare you for successful degree progression. Our Regent Foundations of Success course (UNIV 100) provides new online students with the necessary knowledge and resources (e.g., access to the University Library, Writing Center, and Career Services) for academic success.

graduate Students

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Graduate students have an opportunity to prepare for the rigor of post-baccalaureate education by completing our Graduate Foundations of Success course. This unique course is designed to help acclimate students to the use of academic research and to equip them with the necessary resources to promote student success as graduate students. Faculty will guide you, providing you with the academic and practical expertise you need for success.

Returning Students

Former students interested in returning to Regent must review our readmission criteria to determine the best pathway forward. 

Transfer Students

Online undergraduate transfer students are encouraged to review our transfer credit policy and our transfer equivalency database. Both resources provide insight into how students can maximize their transfer credit toward their degree plan. 

Student Success & Support

Our Center for Student Happiness, including Life Coaching, provides a range of opportunities for students to use as they search for ways to strengthen their skillset for college success.

Available opportunities include writing tutoring, math tutoring, webinars, and numerous resources that empower students to take charge of their learning and growth in academics, life, and leadership.


Our Roadmap to Regent overview provides new and current students with a resource-filled tool they can use to prepare for classes. In addition to the resources below, we offer pre-semester webinars focused on preparing you to start the semester off right!

View the academic calendar for key dates and deadlines. New on-campus students should consult their academic advisor before completing their first registration.

Need help with your student ID and password?

For assistance with your MyRegent ID and password, contact Regent’s IT Help Desk at 757.352.4076 or

Contact Academic Advising

To ensure you remain on track to graduate, we encourage you to communicate with your academic advising team at least once each semester. Your outreach to us is important, so we strive to provide timely feedback for all your academic and financial questions.

Contact Details:
757.352.4385 | 800.722.3680

Phone Hours:
Monday-Friday: 8:00 a.m. – 5:45 p.m. ET
Closed for University Chapel on Wednesday: 11:45 a.m. – 1:15 p.m. ET