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Access the undergraduate student forms of Regent University, Virginia Beach.

Undergraduate Student Forms

Academic Petition
Academic Suspension Appeal Form (Undergraduate Use Only)
Add/Drop for Undergraduate Students
Application for Internship, Practicum, Externship or Field Placement
Approval to Enroll in a Class in Another School
Change of Address/Name
(University employees, including student workers, must go through Human Resources. Please do not use this form.)
Change of Campus Form
Change of Major/Field of Study Form
Commencement Participation Request
Enrollment Verification Certificate (Self-Service)
(Can only be issued for past or present enrollment.)
Grade Appeal Form
(For students who are interested in appealing their final grade in a course. Can only be submitted once a final grade has been issued. Please do not use this form to appeal individual assignments.)
Graduation Application
Graduation Date/Enrollment Time Status Update Request
Incomplete Request Form

Loan Adjustment

Reactivation Application
For students who have been inactive for less than one year
Readmission Application
For students who have been inactive for one year or more
Student Information Release (FERPA Waiver)
Student Request to Withhold Directory Information
Student Verification Request Form

  • Certification of Enrollment (in-progress or past term)
  • Pre-Registration/Anticipated Enrollment (registered but term not started)
  • Academic Standing
  • Non-Attendance
  • Withdrawal (confirming withdrawal from the University)
  • Certification of Degree (degree must be conferred)

Transcript Request
Transfer Credit Appeal
Transfer of Program Application
Transient Credit Request
Undergraduate to Graduate Credit Opportunity
Withdrawal from University


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