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A photo of two Regent University Staff members smiling and waving: Learn more about the readmissions process for returning to Regent.

Return to Regent

Readmission is the process for any student who withdrew from Regent more than one academic year (three semesters) ago, academically dismissed students, or students who were suspended from the university and desire to return to Regent. The readmission process differs from the admission application you completed when applying to Regent. Instead, this process will focus on setting you up for success upon your return to your prior degree.

To be considered for readmission, please review and follow the readmission checklist steps listed below.

  1. Ensure you meet the minimum eligibility requirements to pursue readmission to Regent.
    • You have not taken courses at Regent in at least three semesters (one full academic year) and now desire to return to the same program.
    • You were placed on academic suspension from Regent in the past and now desire to return and take courses again within the same program.
    • You were academically dismissed from Regent more than one year ago and desire to return to the same program.
  2. Review your student account with the business office to determine if you have a balance from your prior time at Regent.
  3. Complete your readmission requirements.
    • Upon submitting your readmission application, you are required to submit a “readmission questionnaire,” which will cover pertinent information needed for you to return to Regent. Your questionnaire will be emailed to you.
    • If you completed coursework at another institution after Regent, be prepared to order official transcripts.
  4. Regardless of your proximity to fulfilling graduation requirements, all readmitted students must enroll in a minimum of one-credit hour during the semester they would like to graduate.
  5. Submit your readmission application.

Regent University requires that any dismissed students wait at least one academic year (or three semesters) before submitting a Readmission Application. This requirement ensures students have time to demonstrate changes that would create a successful return. Early Readmission can be considered in certain student situations, i.e., course scheduling and availability for certain programs. Please reach out to with any questions or for Early Readmission eligibility.

All students returning to the university are responsible for having a financial plan in place to pay for their degree. Some former students, including those who were suspended or dismissed, may be required to go through the SAP Appeal Process process to regain their financial aid eligibility.

The readmission process is applicable to students who earned a grade (including “W” grades) from Regent. Students who dropped courses BEFORE the first day of the class are not eligible for readmission consideration.  If you dropped courses less than one year (three semesters), a Reactivation form is needed to move you forward.

Students interested in returning to Regent are required to apply to their last known major.  Upon readmission to Regent, students can work with the office of advising to determine if a change of major is available.

Students missing outstanding official transcripts from institutions they attended prior to Regent are still required to submit their official transcripts to complete their application and avoid a future registration hold. This expectation applies to transcripts and other outstanding admissions items, if applicable.