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Degree Evaluation

The degree evaluation tool in Genisys is designed to assist advisors and students with course planning, measuring progress toward program completion, and curriculum advising.

The degree evaluation is based on catalog term and indicates degree requirement conditions that are "met" and "not met" by analyzing a student's grades and GPA, credit hours and completed course work against University requirements for specific degree programs.

At this time, the degree evaluation tool can only be used by undergraduate students in a degree-seeking program who began their program in or subsequent to the fall 2007 semester.

Degree Evaluation Report

For instructions on how to run a degree evaluation report, please review the Steps to Generating a Degree Evaluation in Genisys.

Detailed information to help understand the degree evaluation report is provided in How to Interpret a Degree Evaluation.

Students or advisors using the tool who find discrepancies, errors, or omissions should report them via email to, with your name, student ID, and a detailed description of the issue(s).

Note: A degree evaluation report is not an official evaluation, is subject to modification and does not replace any requirements listed in the University catalog.