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Students work at Sessho, Regent University's Student Game Development Studio.


Sessho is Regent University’s student game development studio, located within Regent’s School of Communication and the Arts.

At Sessho, Regent undergrads work together in semester length sessions to create games and narrative experiences. These projects will help contribute towards their graduate portfolios, and will be published for all audiences to share and experience.

Wake up in a cave buried deep beneath a floating island. Guided by a mysterious floating light, the navigate through the underground and emerge onto the islands surface to learn more about where you are and why you’re there.

Traverse a floating island in this first-person narrative exploration game. The game takes about an hour to play, and is designed to be completed in a single sitting.

A scene from Ascent, a game developed by students at Regent University.
A cave scene from Ascent, a game developed by students at Regent University.
A cave scene from Ascent, a game developed by students at Regent University.

Ascent was made by students at Regent University as the culminating project of the three student project leads, but expanded into a class development project of 11 students. It was made entirely over the course of one semester, a 15-week period, and led to the creation of Sessho, Regent University’s game development group currently comprised of animation and cinema television students.

An island scene from Ascent, a game developed by students at Regent University.
A scene from Ascent, a game developed by students at Regent University.
A tower scene from Ascent, a game developed by students at Regent University.

Recommended specs:

  • Desktop PC.
  • Windows 7 64-bit or Mac OS X 10.9.2 or later.
  • Quad-core Intel or AMD processor, 2.5 GHz or faster.
  • NVIDIA GeForce 470 GTX or AMD Radeon 6870 HD series card or higher.
  • 8 GB RAM

Publishing/Design Team

Andrew Scott Hollis, Executive Producer/Lead Developer of Ascent at Regent University.

Andrew Scott Hollis was born in Norfolk, VA at the ripe old age of 0. Since then he has grown and developed his crafts in Art and Design. After graduating from High School with a certification on Advertising Design, he pursued a degree in Animation at Regent University, in hopes of pursuing a career in animation or video game development. Upon graduation, Andrew learned from an inside source in the game industry that his skills made him decent in all aspects of game development, but he needed to focus his efforts on one particular set of skills. However, shortly thereafter, Andrew obtained a job as a Graphic Technician for a Fortune 500 government contracting firm. There he harnessed his graphic design skills and polished them, through the creation of Highly involved Computer Based Training. It was at this time that Andrew decided that making advanced Power-Point presentations and “Reader Rabbit” for the military weren’t his calling so he proceeded to pursue further education in game development. Now, Andrew has acquired his MFA in Game Development from the Academy of Art University in California, and he hopes to spread his passion for game development to others.

In Andrew’s spare time he enjoys playing and making games, going to dinner with his wife, movies, anime, manga, and the occasional convention.

Professor Hollis decided to create Sessho for Regent University as a way to help students better get their work and portfolios out to the masses.


  • Ascent – Executive Producer/Lead Developer
Luke A. Fallis

Luke Fallis is the Creative Manager for the Ascent project, and this is his first foray into the world of Game Development. He has been playing games for way too long (about 22 years now) and is proud to be able to be showing you his thesis project. Be sure to check out the other talented artists who have devoted themselves to this product, and keep an eye out for his future work as this is only the beginning.


  • Ascent – Creative Manager/QA Lead/Sound Designer
Sarah Manzano

Sarah Manzano was one of the three project managers on the Ascent game project (art manager), Regent’s first collaborative game design project. She graduated with a Bachelor’s in Animation and a minor in Information Systems Technology in Spring 2018. Regent’s animation degree teaches a variety of skills for various positions an animator could potentially want to hold in writing, business, 2D, and 3D animation. In 2017 she worked mainly in a 2D animation and design position for the Christian non-profit Creative Ministries, but prefers all things 3D or computer-related. As far as future goals go, she hopes to get a job in 3D, a creative field, or the gaming industry someday.


  • Ascent – Art Manager/Level Design Lead/ Programmer
Mackenzie “Mack” Yarnall

Mackenzie “Mack” Yarnall is the Production Manager for the Ascent project and is a senior graduating with her bachelors in Animation in Spring of 2018. Her focus during her time at Regent University was animating and rigging. Mackenzie has a love of video games and getting to create one with Sessho for her senior project only increased her desire to make video games. Once she graduates Mackenzie’s sights are set on getting into the gaming industry.


  • Ascent – Production Manager / Lead Programmer
Timothy Puder

Timothy is a student of film who came on board with the Ascent team to learn more about production management for game development as well as the process and theories involved in the creation of a game. Notable achievements he has achieved would be his short film senior thesis Emergence and his production company RIOT Studios.


  • Ascent – Production Assistant/Tester

3D Art Team

Matthew Wynia

Matthew grew up in South Dakota, and moved to Virginia to learn animation at Regent University. He most enjoys 3D modeling and character modeling/animation.


  • Ascent – 3D Artist
David Prevost

David Prevost is a 3D modeler, and has always had a passion for building, including environments, vehicles, and robots, both physically with Lego and digitally on PC. David also runs a computer-building business, Tech-Surge, that operates in the Hampton Roads area. Contact him at for more information.


  • Ascent – 3D Artist
Canon Wildemar

Originally from North Carolina, Canon is a Regent animation senior with a passion in 3D modeling for video games. Recently he attended the 2018 East Coast Game Conference and has returned excited and motivated to teach himself more professional modeling.


  • Ascent – Environmental Artist
Jonathan Istre

Jonathan has a BFA in Media Arts and Animation from The Art Institute of Virginia Beach with a Focus on Environmental Modeling and 3D Animation.


  • Ascent – Environmental Artist

2D Art Team

Wayne Larkin

Wayne Larkin is a 3D animator, character designer, general artist and video editor. Moving forward, he wants to get his idea for a cartoon series off the ground and wants to work his way to directing his own video game projects.


  • Ascent – Lead Concept Artist
Tyler Smith

An aspiring motion graphics artist, animator, and video editor specializing in After Effects and Cinema 4D. He is always exploring new ways to apply and expand his knowledge of animation and design. Co-owner at Smith Brothers Productions with client based and film making experience from concept to development.


  • Ascent – Lead Graphic Artist/Concept Artist
Cohen Olson

Cohen is a Motion Graphics specialist with a strong understanding of character and dynamic form Animation. He has already started his own Motion Graphics business with Greater Depths Studios, LLC. Cohen is a senior at Regent University and will be graduating Spring 2019.


  • Ascent – Graphic Artist

Want to know more about current and future projects, how to get involved, or how to get in contact with any of our students? Feel free to follow and/or to contact us on our social media pages, or use the form below.

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