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Regent alumni in conversation: Explore the academic coaching resource provided by the university.

Academic Coaching

Academic Coaching supports students in academic writing, reading, and study skills as part of the Center for Student Happiness! Coaches help students understand, identify, and apply different academic concepts and techniques to make tackling assignments easier. Coaches work with students at all academic levels with the goal of creating strong self-learners. Academic Coaching offers free one-on-one appointments through Handshake as well as live workshops, group coaching, virtual walk-in hours, and 100+ on-demand resources covering a myriad of topics.

Webinars & Workshops


Group Coaching


Academic Coaching offers flexible options to fit any schedule. Our coaches are professionally trained to work with you to improve your thesis, organization, formatting, scholarly tone, grammar, reading comprehension and speed, note-taking, and more!

Virtual Walk-In Hour

The Walk-In hour is an open video session for students at designated times daily with no registration required. Check the times when the Walk-In hour is open through the Walk-In Schedule. There may be multiple students in the session, and please refrain from attending multiple Walk-Ins on the same day. Students can spend up to 20 minutes with a coach, so it is a great option for a quick question or if the schedule is full. 

The online Math Lab offers course and chapter-specific resources for students enrolled in MATH 101, MATH 102, MATH 164, MATH 201, MATH 211, and MATH 212. These will assist students in developing a greater fundamental understanding of the material taught in their math classes. In addition, Brainfuse online tutoring support to students enrolled in the above math courses as well as courses in science (BIOL 101 & 201, CHEM 100 & 101, PHYS 100), nursing (NURS 305 & 307), and computer science and technology (e.g., ISYS 205, 314 & 315, CSCI 314 & 315).



Overview & Practice

Academic Coaching offers a variety of online, interactive workshops throughout each semester, covering a myriad of topics that help you develop your writing voice, reading strategies, and study skills. Registered students will receive a link to the session about an hour beforehand and a link to the recording afterwards. 

Workshop Topic Examples

Avoiding Plagiarism: This workshop explains Regent University’s Academic Honor Code, what constitutes plagiarism, and how to successfully avoid it. 

MLA Formatting: Come learn the foundational elements of the MLA 9th Formatting style from the header to the citations to the work cited entries!

APA Formatting: Learn general APA formatting requirements as well as how to correctly format the title page, running head, headings, citations, and the reference page.

Turabian Formatting: Learn general formatting requirements as well as how to correctly format the standard title page, footnotes, and the bibliography page.

10 Most Common Errors in Grammar & Punctuation: Recognize and resolve some of the most common grammar and punctuation errors in academic writing.

Writing Quality Research Papers: When faced with writing a research paper, do you feel lost and don’t know where to begin? Learn the steps to producing a quality research paper.

Writing Clearly: We offer hands-on practice for developing, organizing, and presenting your position with a clear writing voice.

Foundations of Academic Writing: If you struggle to write without “To be” verbs, come learn how to write actively, paraphrase, and use quotes well.

The Academic Coaching Resource Library offers on-demand, 24-hour assistance with strategies to improve writing, reading and study skills. Access numerous PDFs and video resources and on topics such as:

Academic Coaching offers group coaching sessions that give students the opportunity to practice academic skills in a small group. A coach will lead the group on a specific topic and provide an interactive practice session at the end. Group coaching sessions last approximately 20 minutes. Students will receive the link to the session by registering above. 


Academic Essay Structure: Understand how to organize your academic papers successfully by learning the structure of a standard academic essay, including the introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion.

Academic Paragraph Structure: Strengthen your writing skills by understanding how to structure a standard academic paragraph, including the topic, supporting, and concluding sentences.

Paraphrasing: Join us for a brief overview on how to paraphrase successfully. Paraphrasing is a key skill in academic writing because it shows that you can communicate another source’s ideas effectively in your writing voice.

Scholarly Tone: A scholarly tone makes a student’s work credible and persuasive. Come learn how to write in an objective, academic voice. 

Quoting Correctly: Come learn how to use quotes well to add strong, scholarly support in your papers and discussion board posts.

Through Academic Coaching, students can become better self-editors in their writing, strengthen their reading capabilities, and enhance their study skills. Writing Labs everywhere have found that a philosophy favoring teaching over simply providing answers helps students become stronger self-learners and enhances students’ writing, reading, and study skills. 

Handshake Appointment Tutorial

Key Appointment Details:

  • Academic Coaching helps students become stronger self-learners; coaches will not edit or proofread a student’s work. Coaches assist students at any level with general writing, reading, and studying concepts but are not trained in curriculum-specific material. While all coaches receive the same training, feedback may differ based on the variability of live sessions and perspectives.
  • Appointments start at the top of the hour and last up to 40 minutes. Tardiness will reduce the appointment time. Students should send in any assignment materials they want coaches to look over to at least 30 minutes before the appointment. For video appointments, students will receive a link to the session in their student email about 5-10 minutes beforehand.
  • Students can have as many appointments as desired but may only schedule one appointment at a time to ensure all students have a chance to schedule. Students may schedule subsequent sessions at the conclusion of the session currently scheduled. Cancel or reschedule your appointment at least 24 hours in advance to avoid no-shows. Students who no-show may lose access to coaching. Students who require accommodations should first consult with Disability Services.