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A student at Regent, a university that offers a CLEP testing center.


College Level Examination Program (CLEP) exams are convenient, cost-effective, and allow you to fast-track your academic journey. CLEP exams count as credit for specific courses. Regent University accepts up to 30 CLEP credits.

To take a CLEP exam, determine which exam corresponds to the class by viewing the CLEP Transfer Guide. Next, go to and purchase an exam ticket. Finally, register for your CLEP exam at Regent University’s Testing Center.

Please Follow All Policies to Ensure Your Scheduled Seat:

  • Schedule to take your test at least five days in advance.
  • The CLEP test fee through is $90, and the Regent test Administration Fee is $20 (this is paid when requesting an exam and is nonrefundable).
  • Ensure your CLEP exam ticket is for in-person proctoring and not remote proctoring.
  • Check the calendar on the Regent CLEP registration form to see available dates and times for exam appointments.
  • Arrive 20 minutes before the exam.
  • Bring a student ID card to access the library, or ring the doorbell in the lobby if you are not a Regent student.
  • Bring the CLEP exam ticket, an approved form of ID, and the Regent testing center confirmation email.
  • Students taking CLEP tests at Regent are subject to Regent University’s Academic Honor Code.