Regent University offers a theatre minor on campus in Virginia Beach, VA 23464.

Minor – Theatre

College of Arts & Sciences

Students choosing the Minor in Theatre must take:

THEU 101 Introduction to Theatre (3)

THEU 105 Stagecraft (3)

THEU 181 Practicum in Theatre Production (1)**

Plus nine (9) elective credits from other Theatre offerings.

 ** THEU 181 must be taken for a minimum of three (3) credit hours.

Note: Twelve (12) credit hours of the minor must be completed at Regent University. A student may not both major and minor in Theatre. Students who complete a minor may later choose to apply those credits to a major, but they will not also earn the minor. Studentsminoring in Theatre may not substitute courses from English or Cinema/Television to fulfill their elective requirement towards the minor.

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