Learn about Regent University's honors college requirements, the admissions process, selection criteria and more.

The Honors College Admissions

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Do I Apply?

Step 1:
Apply for admission and be accepted to Regent University’s College of Arts & Sciences for an on-campus undergraduate program for the Fall semester.

Step 2:
Apply separately to the Honors College by April 15 to meet the deadline, with the exception of Scholars Weekend applicants. Scholars Weekend applicants should let their admission counselor know of their interest in The Honors College rather than submitting a separate Honors College application. Please note that the application process is not complete until Regent receives a copy of your high school transcript and SAT/ACT/CLT scores. If you have any questions, please contact our Office of Undergraduate Admissions at undergrad@regent.edu or 757.352.4960.

Required Essays for the Honors College Application:

Essay 1:
Write an essay (of no more than 600 words) on the following:
“Describe a time you faced a great deal of criticism from an authority figure in your life. How did you handle this situation and what impact did it have on your life? Did you accept, reject or modify this criticism in your life and how did you use this situation to improve?”

Essay 2:
Write an essay (of no more than 600 words) on the following:
“What have been the greatest obstacles to spiritual growth in your life? What has contributed the most to your spiritual growth?”

Deadline & Review

What are the Deadlines to Apply to The Honors College?

The deadline for Honors College applications is 11:59p.m. ET on April 15. A completed admissions application is also required by April 15 for consideration.

When will I find out if I am admitted into The Honors College?

After the April 15 deadline, high school GPA, standardized test scores, submitted resume and essay will be reviewed and qualified applicants will be contacted to set up an interview. If you have any questions, please contact our Office of Undergraduate Admissions at undergrad@regent.edu or 757.352.4960.

Regent reserves the right to make all decisions relative to Honors College invitations and scholarship awards. Once scholarship awards are made, decisions are final and criteria used to make scholarship decisions will remain confidential. Application to the Honors College does not guarantee acceptance into the program.


What are the Criteria for Being Selected to The Honors College?

  1. You must be an accepted student to Regent for the fall semester. Your Honors College application must be completed by March 31 for consideration preceding the semester of desired entry.
  2. You must be a high school senior to apply.
  3. 1250 SAT, 3.7 High School GPA.

Desired Qualities

What are the Desired Qualities of an Honors Student?

Students applying for the Honors College should exhibit:

  1. Teachability: A desire to learn and be mentored, which is rooted in the acknowledgment of God as Creator, Sustainer and Source of Wisdom, and expressed in humility.
  2. Intentionality: A commitment to cultivate character, a sense of duty, studiousness, as well as the ability to anticipate future needs and challenges.
  3. Integrative Thinking: A capacity to think creatively within and across the academic disciplines while integrating God’s truth into all fields of knowledge and areas of one’s life.


Where Can I Go With More Questions?

The Honors College Admissions Team
undergrad@regent.edu | 757.352.4960

Tuition & Financial Aid
finaid@regent.edu | 757.352.4385