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Graduates of Regent, a Christian university that offers a range of honors college programs.

Honors College Programs


The Regent University Honors College is composed of students across all disciplines and majors. Weaving together theology, history, philosophy, the sciences, literature, and the arts, you will carefully consider how to apply meaningful answers to some of the most pressing issues of the day.

As a student in the Honors College, you will engage with the works of thinkers such as Aristotle, Augustine, Thomas Aquinas, Dante Alighieri, John Calvin, Thomas Jefferson, C.S. Lewis, and many others. Most importantly, you will be immersed in a curriculum that focuses on the greatness of God and His holy Word.

Five Unique Honors College Courses

  • HONS 150 The Good Person: What does it mean to be human? What is a good person? How do people become good?
  • HONS 200 The Great Family: How do we define love? What is God’s design for marriage? How does family affect the individual and society?
  • HONS 250 The Just Society: What is justice? What do I owe my neighbor? What role should friendship play in our lives?
  • HONS 300 The Exceptional Country: What makes a country great? Is one system of government better than others?
  • HONS 350 The Flourishing World: What is human flourishing? What economic systems promote flourishing?

In addition to these five courses and courses in your chosen major, you will enjoy Regent’s award-winning General Education curriculum in the College of Arts & Sciences.

Honors College Programs