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Honors College at Regent University, Virginia Beach

About the Honors College

Discover Greatness

The Honors College expands upon Regent University’s tradition of greatness. Here, you can engage in a unique intellectual, spiritual, and social experience with the capacity to radically change your life, and through you, the world. The Honors College offers sophisticated honors curricula based on its unique educational L.I.F.E. model: great Learning, Instruction, Faculty, and Expectations. The L.I.F.E. approach to honors education at Regent will be offered by some of the best faculty in the country who serve at the university. You can expect challenging, meaningful opportunities to grow in faith and godly character; learn to appreciate and defend the great principles of liberty, justice, self-government, and economic freedom; defend traditional marriage and family; and, among other things, make significant contributions by addressing real-world problems. If you are ready to be equipped to do noble things in a world that too often accepts mediocrity, The Honors College invites you to explore more.

Award-Winning Academics

Drawing from God’s Word, prominent thinkers and great books, The Honors College offers a challenging curriculum and collaborative environment to foster the knowledge, character and skills you need to create and implement godly solutions to stubborn, real-world problems.


  • Extensive mentorship opportunities with faculty
  • Advanced seminars and leadership training
  • Access to travel funds on a competitive basis
  • Priority class registration & graduate library privileges
  • Unique access to national and international leaders in the church, industry and government
  • Competitive fellow positions in the university’s Center for Christian Thought & Action

  • Students must be formally admitted to the College in order to participate. (Learn more in Admissions)
  • Associate of Arts and Associate of Science students are not eligible to participate in this program
  • Honors students will be required to maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0
  • Honors College students must be full-time, on-campus undergraduate students
  • Honors College students will be required to earn 20 L.I.F.E. leadership points every year, which can be met by engaging in mentoring, academic, and career preparation activities.