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College students perform a science experiment at Regent University, Virginia Beach.

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Early College applicants are admitted under a nondegree status and are limited to taking 30 credits. Students may choose from the following list of Regent courses:

ACCT 205Introduction to Accounting
ACCT 211Managerial Accounting
ACCT 215Intermediate Accounting I
ACCT 225Intermediate Accounting II
ACCT 250Accounting Info Systems
ANIM 100Fundamentals of Animation
ANIM 103Introduction to Digital Art
ANIM 112Intro to 2D Animation I
ANIM 115Intro to Sound & Motion Graphics
ANIM 203Intro to 3D Modeling
ANIM 210Writing for Animation
ANIM 213Fundamentals of 3D Animation
ANIM 2182D Animation II
ANIM 222The Art of the Storyboard
ARTA 120Introduction to Drawing
ARTA 201Comparative Anatomy & Figure Drawing
ARTA 246Concept Art & Character Design
BIBL 100Introduction to Biblical Literacy
BIBL 105Introduction to Bible
BIBL 106Christian Doctrine
BIBL 120Principles of Youth Ministry
BIBL 170The Beauty & Majesty of God
BIBL 173Imago Dei: The Image of God & Human Nature
BIBL 200Principles of Hermeneutics & Theological Thinking
BIBL 255The Gospels
BIBL 260Church History I
BIBL 261Church History II
BIBL 282Pentateuch
BIOL 101Introduction to Biology with Laboratory
BIOL 112Human Biology Laboratory
BIOL 121General Biology I
BIOL 122General Biology II
BIOL 201Human Anatomy & Physiology I
BIOL 202Human Anatomy & Physiology II
BIOL 205Medical Terminology
BIOL 210Nutrition
BIOL 215Introduction to Microbiology
BIOL 221Cell Biology
BIOL 240Ecology
BUSN 110Introduction to Business
BUSN 240Marketing Principles
BUSN 250Business Leadership & Communication
BUSN 280Introduction to Business Analytics
CHEM 100Introduction to Chemistry
CHEM 101Introduction to Chemistry with Lab
CHEM 121General Chemistry I
CHEM 122General Chemistry II
CHEM 221Organic Chemistry I
CHEM 222Organic Chemistry II
COMM 110Public Speaking
COMM 115Rhetoric: The Art of Public Speaking
COMM 215Foundations of Communication
COMM 220Interpersonal Communication
COMM 240Cross-Cultural Communication
COMM 245Communication Theory
COMM 255Persuasive Communication
CRJU 131Introduction to Criminal Justice
CRJU 220Criminology
CRJU 231Juvenile Justice
CRJU 250Research & Writing in Criminal Justice
CRJU 280Criminal Investigation
CSCI 201Introduction to Computer Science
CSCI 210Computer Architecture
CSCI 220Operating Systems
CSCI 233Ethics for Computer Science
CTVU 103Introduction to Visual Storytelling
CTVU 105History of Film
CTVU 129Fundamentals of Production
CTVU 210Screenplay as Art Form
CTVU 246Cinematography
CTVU 256Fundamentals of Post-Production
CTVU 258Sound Design
CTVU 260Directing
DSGN 100History of Art & Design 1
DSGN 105History of Art & Design 2
DSGN 110Design Applications & Industry
DSGN 121Fundamentals of Design
DSGN 125Vector Based Art Creation
DSGN 130Image Manipulation
DSGN 200Digital Photography
DSGN 210Typography
DSGN 220Layout
EASC 101Introduction to Earth Science with Laboratory
ECON 101Introduction to Economics
ECON 120Microeconomics
ECON 230Macroeconomics
ECON 260Economics & the Marketplace
ECON 290Political Economy
ENGL 101English Composition
ENGL 102Research & Academic Writing
ENGL 110Composition: The Art of the Written Word
ENGL 202Literature of the United States: Beginnings to the Civil War
ENGL 203Literature of the United States: Civil War through the 21st Century
ENGL 205Literature of the Western World
ENGL 209Literature & Human Flourishing
ENGL 211British Literature: Middle Ages through the 18th Century
ENGL 212British Literature: 19th Century through the 21st Century
ENGL 240Introduction to Creative Writing
ENGL 285Introduction to the English Language
ENGR 201Engineering Foundations I
ENGR 202Engineering Foundations II
ENGR 220Systems Thinking & Approach
ENGR 225Prob, Stats & Quant Methods with Lab
ENGR 230Modeling, Design, & Analysis
FINA 280Introduction to Financial Planning
GENE 100The Making of the Christian Mind
GENE 150The True, the Good & the Beautiful
GENE 170Truth, Goodness, & Beauty
GENE 202The Making of a Christian Leader
GENE 220Art, Beauty, & Culture
GENE 250The Making of the Christian Life
GEOG 101World Geography
GERO 201Introduction to Gerontology
GERO 230Contemporary Issues in Aging
GERO 240Aging: A Biblical Perspective
GOVT 196Introduction to the Study of Government
GOVT 201The American Republic
GOVT 204International Relations
GOVT 211Introduction to Public Policy
GOVT 220Comparative Politics
GOVT 240American Government & Politics I
GOVT 245American Government & Politics II
GOVT 290Political Economy
HIST 201U.S. History I (to 1877)
HIST 202U.S. History II (from 1877)
HIST 207Western Civilization I
HIST 208Western Civilization II
HIST 210The Story of Christianity
HIST 211World History I
HIST 212World History II
HIST 250A History of the United States
HRMT 220Compensation & Benefits Management
HRMT 250Training & Development
HRMT 260Staffing & Talent Management
ISYS 204Introduction to Information Systems
ISYS 205Linux System Administration
ISYS 210Introduction to Networks
ISYS 214Introduction to Programming
ISYS 220Network Essentials
ISYS 222Digital Forensics
ISYS 230Advanced Networks
ISYS 231Introduction to Information Systems Security
LDST 201Survey of Leadership
LDST 250Study of Great Leaders
MATH 101Mathematics for Liberal Arts
MATH 102College Algebra
MATH 164Precalculus
MATH 201Statistics
MATH 211Calculus I
MATH 212Calculus II
MATH 213Calculus III
MATH 220Discrete Mathematics
MATH 230Linear Algebra
MGMT 210Fundamentals of Human Resource Management
MGMT 280Principles of Management
MGMT 290Operations Management
MILS 110Introduction to Military Culture
MILS 120Fundamentals of Military Leadership
MKTG 210Advertising & Promotion
MKTG 250Public Relations
MKTG 260Retail Management
MUSC 101Sight Reading & Ear Training I
MUSC 102Sight Reading & Ear Training II
MUSC 103Listening to Music
MUSC 111Music & Faith Through the Lens
MUSC 121Fundamentals of Music
MUSC 125Introduction to Piano
MUSC 135Introduction to Singing
MUSC 145Introduction to Electric Bass & Drums
MUSC 155Introduction to Guitar
MUSC 170Survey of Songwriters 1
MUSC 214Diction in Singing
MUSC 220Music Theory I
MUSC 221Music Theory II
MUSC 270Survey of Songwriters 2
NSCI 110Origins of the Cosmos
NSCI 121Foundations of Scientific Thought
NSCI 222Cosmology
NSCI 270Nature, Science, & Ethics with Laboratory
PARA 210Foundations of Paralegal Studies
PARA 220Legal Research & Writing
PARA 230Introduction to Judicial Systems
PARA 240Investigation in Litigation
PHYS 100Physics for Everyday Life
PHYS 221University Physics I
PHYS 222University Physics II
PSYC 101Psychology of Adjustment
PSYC 102Introduction to Psychology
PSYC 210Philosophical Foundations
PSYC 211Developmental Psychology
PSYC 250Human Sexuality
PSYC 260Psychology of Women
SPAN 101Introductory Spanish I
SPAN 102Introductory Spanish II
SPAN 210Intermediate Spanish I
SPAN 211Intermediate Spanish II
SPMT 201Principles of Sports Management
SPMT 203Sports Marketing & Promotion
SSCI 293The Individual & Society
THEU 101Introduction to Theatre
THEU 105Stagecraft
THEU 132Basic Acting 1
THEU 181Practicum in Theatre Production
THEU 221Movement for the Stage
THEU 227Makeup for the Theatre
THEU 232Basic Acting 2
THEU 234Voice & Diction for the Stage 1
THEU 251Improvisation
UIS 200Orientation to Teaching
UNIV 100Regent Foundations of Success

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