Council of Independent Colleges Tuition Exchange Program (CIC-TEP) Application

Tuition waiver applications will be processed on a first come, first served basis. Other factors in consideration are the number of students receiving tuition waivers within a school or department at Regent and the total number of students receiving tuition waivers university wide. Waivers are limited to a total of 15 students during any academic year.

If you would like to apply for a CIC-TEP tuition waiver for yourself, your spouse or your eligible* dependent(s), please complete and submit this form online (note: all fields are required) or print, complete and submit to:

University Registrar
Attn: Tuition Waiver Liaison
Mail: SC 218
Phone: 757.352.4094
Fax: 757.352.4033

*Dependent eligibility is based upon the IRS definition of dependent as related to the employee seeking the benefit.

See the full rules and eligibility requirements.

Applicant Information

Applicant Status:

New student to this institution
Current student at this institution who has not previously participated in this program
Re-admitting to this institution
Check here if student has applied and been accepted to school

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