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Language & Literature Department

The Department of Language and Literature is designed to prepare Christian leaders in a variety of fields by educating students in writing, language, and literature. In English classes, students can explore human experience in literary form. The department's goals are to cultivate thoughtful, compassionate human beings, as well as equip majors for a wide range of professions.

The faculty in the Department of Language and Literature bring years of teaching and writing experience, as well as a deep love for the written word. We approach literature and writing through the lens of a Christian worldview, pursuing truth by exploring how writers of the past and present have explored human experience and God's creation.

Employers in various disciplines are looking for English majors because of their skills in thinking and communication. But, beyond preparation for a job, the Department of Language and Literature seeks to cultivate in students characteristics that mark us as human: communication, analysis, discernment, and a love of beauty.

Susannah Clements, Ph.D.
Chair, Department of Language & Literature

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