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Regent University marketing partners with Regent schools and departments.

Regent University Marketing

Our Mission

In keeping with the mission of Regent University, the mission of University Marketing is to provide strategic, influential, creative leadership and support for each school and department in its charge to deliver excellent graduate and undergraduate education.

Our Services

  • Data-Driven Lead Generation
  • Marketing Strategy & Concept Development
  • Copywriting & Copy Editing
  • Design & Layout
  • Web Design & Web Content Management
  • Print Production for Marketing Collateral
  • Videography & Photography
  • Media Buying

Excellence. Innovation. Integrity.

We believe that our continuous pursuit of excellence, innovation and integrity in marketing will position our team as Christian leaders changing our world and, in turn, strengthen the university in its call to globally equip Christian leaders.

Data-Driven Lead Generation

Marketing supports university-wide enrollment initiatives through targeted, data-driven lead generation.

Marketing Strategy & Concept Development

As part of the marketing process, you are encouraged to meet with our team of experts to map out a marketing strategy for your project. This is the first step toward successful advertising.

Copywriting & Copy Editing

We offer assistance with copywriting and provide copy-editing for all marketing materials. When requesting a job, please provide completed copy, or at least copy points. If significant copywriting assistance is required, the client should budget to hire a recommended freelance copywriter.

Design & Layout

Once the copy is approved, we move into the design and layout phase of your project. Based on the information you submit, the marketing strategy and the budget that is defined, we design the piece to meet these objectives. Since most of our materials travel together, we strive to keep everything consistent with the overall Regent brand. Once the layout is approved internally, it is forwarded to you for your approval. No more than three rounds of changes are allowed on any project. Once final approvals are received, the project will move to production.

Web Design & Web Content Management

Combining brand consistency with aesthetic usability, University Marketing creates web materials for your school or department. Our services include: HTML emails, landing pages, microsites, animations, banners, web ads and website design/redesign. We specifically concentrate on the front-end phase of web production by strategizing and executing the visual “look and feel” and by creating web templates. Web templates are then passed off to the appropriate web representative of your school or department for content population.

Print Production for Marketing Collateral

Once the layout and size of a piece is approved, University Marketing sends out the print specifications to a number of vendors. Based on the best price and delivery, we will send you an estimate for approval. We often price a number of quantity options so you can choose the best cost and quantity for your project. The cost/quantity approval needs to be sent back to production from a person with signature authority along with delivery information and the account code for charging. Once we receive this approval, we send the project to the vendor and a purchase order is provided by the purchasing department. Final press proofs are approved by the production manager prior to printing, and the job is often approved at press. The production manager will advise you when to expect project delivery based on the size of the piece and the quantity ordered.

Videography & Photography

Regent University Marketing provides photography and videography services for general marketing purposes including: advertisements, prospectuses, direct mail, digital communications, Public Relations, and other recruitment and/or fundraising purposes. We may recommend outsourcing for complex photography or videography needs related to advertising projects or if a Regent Marketing staff members are not available. Outsourcing could incur additional fees.

Media Buying

We offer media buying for media purchases including digital, print and broadcast, and follow through to ensure that the materials are sent for each media placement. However, you are responsible for opening jobs for each ad insertion, providing an adequate timeline and project details.

Primary Logo

The primary Regent University logo, used for most applications, contains two elements, the wordmark and the shield. They should never be separated or altered, but always used as seen here.

Regent University's primary logo.

The Shield

The Regent shield symbolizes the coming together of faith and reason, and illustrates the relationship between academic excellence and Christian leadership. The three crowns stand on the side of faith representing the holy Trinity, and the book pages represent our academic offerings.

The Regent University shield.

Size & Clear Space

Consistent use is critical to the launch of a new logo and brand. Following these simple guides will ensure a clear and compelling visual brand across all levels of University communications.


Whenever possible, use the preferred logo size on all applications. Never reproduce the logo at widths smaller than 1.25 inches or 200 pixels. There is no maximum size limit, but use discretion when sizing the logo. It should never be the dominant element on the page; instead it should live comfortably and clearly as a signature.

Preferred print size of the Regent University logo.
Preferred digital size of the Regent University logo.
Minimum print size of the Regent University logo.
Minimum digital size of the Regent University logo.


We need to ensure that clear space is maintained around the logo. That way, it’s always legible and has room to breathe. Photos, text, and graphic elements must follow this guideline. Use the crest as shown to gauge the preferred clearance.

Use the illustration below as a guide for placing the logo in a layout.

Clear space around the Regent University logo.

Primary Logo With Tagline


Our tagline is a powerful statement that creates a strong impression of the university. It should be used in all communications that reach the general public, particularly admissions audiences. The logo and tagline alone can also succinctly convey the university’s mission when no other messaging appears. When they’re combined, the logo and tagline form a single unit that should not be altered. The logo without the tagline may still be used for internal audiences.

The tagline lockups below should not be combined with the sub-brand lockups.

The Regent University logo and tagline.
A stacked version of the Regent University logo and tagline.

Sub-Brand Logo Lockups

In an identity system, consistency is key to overall brand recognition. All of these logo lockups exist as a uniform system, consistently maintaining hierarchy between the logo and the school name.

Each official sub-brand should use only the approved and supplied version of its lockup. Except for the tagline, the names of the schools and official offices are the only elements permitted to be locked up with the Regent University logo.

A sub-brand logo lockup of Regent University.


A sub-brand logo lockup should only be used when all the content in the respective piece correlates to that school. Whenever you are communicating to more than one school or audience, use the primary logo.


An example of Regent University's sub-brand logo lockup.


Contact University Marketing if your school or office is not represented in the sub-brand lockup downloads.

Alumni Relations 
Central Enrollment Management 
Church Relations 
College of Arts & Sciences 
Global Affairs 
Institutional Research 
Military & Veterans Affairs 
Office of the Chancellor 
Office of the President 
Professional & Continuing Education 
Robertson School of Government 
School of Business & Leadership 
School of Communication & the Arts 
School of Divinity 
School of Education 
School of Law 
School of Psychology & Counseling 
Student Services 

View the Brand Guidelines for Regent University and Student Led Organizations.

Brand guidelines, Regent University.
Brand guide, Regent University.

In order to maintain brand identity, please use the following email signature on all internal and external email communication. This format helps students and colleagues to quick identify your position and contact information.

First Name Last Name, Credentials
University Position Title
Regent University School or Department
1000 Regent University Drive, Mail Drop, Virginia Beach, VA 23464

The Regent University logo.

How to Create Your Email Signature

  1. Click here:
  2. Press Ctrl A to select all and then Ctrl C to copy.
  3. In Outlook, create a new signature and press Ctrl V to paste.
  4. Update the example email signature with your name and contact information.

Email Signature Best Practices

Keep It Professional

Regent University email is not a forum for personal expression through the use of fancy typefaces, images, graphics, favorite scripture verses or quotations, etc. In order to preserve and promote the brand of Regent University, it is recommended to observe the following guidelines.


Legibility is most important. Use common, legible fonts such as Calibri, Arial, Verdana (sans-serif), Times New Roman, Cambria or Georgia (serif). Avoid using decorative, elaborate, script or ornate typefaces.


Black type is the most legible and recommended text color for your signature. Darker gray shades are also acceptable. Avoid the use of background color on your emails. Not only does it limit legibility, but high levels of ink usage can occur when emails are printed.

Logos, Images and Graphics

Due to standard privacy settings, some email clients store images as attachments rather than displaying them. Others may distort or exclude the logo, image or graphic altogether. If you choose to include the logo in your signature, it is best to use the following absolute URL to insert the logo in the proper place: This will maintain consistency of use and proper sizing. Creating a signature as a graphic image is discouraged. Again, most email clients store images as attachments and your signature graphic will not be seen unless the recipient allows it. Also, if you present your signature as an image, your correspondents will have a hard time knowing when you have sent a genuine attachment.

Quotes, etc.

The use of personal favorite quotations or scripture verses, etc. in Regent University email signatures is discouraged. It adds unnecessary length to the signature. This is perfectly acceptable for personal correspondence, however, it is not considered a professional best practice.

Social Media

Only reference official* Regent University pages and sites. Do not include personal IM, Facebook or Twitter, links, etc. or any sites not recognized as an official social media site. Also, do not include personal URLs. Again, this should only be done in text format with an embedded hyperlink.

*Official page links are:

Email Signature Logo File

Please remember that according to reported best practices, it is best not to use logos, images and graphics in email signatures. This is due to the fact that most standard privacy settings and most email clients store images as attachments rather than displaying them, and your signature graphic will not be seen unless the recipient allows it. Also, your correspondents will have a hard time knowing when you have sent a genuine attachment.

If it is however, important to include the logo in your email signature, you can download the file (by using the download button above) or you can use the following absolute URL:

We are an award-winning team of artists, creators, and strategists. Below are some examples of our work and the awards we have won.

Award ProgramLevelWinning EntryCategory
Collegiate Advertising AwardsGoldTheatre Season PostcardsDirect Mail – Series
GoldGeneral Welcome FolderPocket Folder
SilverLead the Way Print Ad CampaignMagazine Advertising – Series
Educational Advertising AwardsGoldLead the Way Print CampaignMagazine Advertising – Series
Silver2019-2020 Theatre BrochureSpecial Promotions
SilverCybersecurity VideoSpecial Video
MeritCampus Welcome FolderOther
Award ProgramLevelWinning EntryCategory
Collegiate Advertising AwardsSilverTheatre Season PostcardsPhoto/Illustration – Series
SilverCybersecurity Pocket FolderPocket Folder
Higher Ed Marketing/32nd Annual Educational Advertising AwardsGoldTheatre Season PostcardsSpecial Promotions
SilverCAS Travel BrochureBrochure
Award ProgramLevelWinning EntryCategory
Collegiate Advertising AwardsGoldTheatre Season PostcardsDirect Mail – Series
GoldDifferent By Design BrochureSelf Promotion
SilverTheatre Season BrochureBrochure – Multiple Pages
SilverSeize Your Dreams Magnet MailerDirect Mail – Single
SilverCAS Vision PackageRecruitment
SilverNew Website AnnouncementSocial Media Marketing
Higher Ed Marketing/31st Annual Educational Advertising AwardsGoldNew Website AnnouncementVideo Viewbook
GoldDifferent By Design BrochureBrochure
GoldLaw ProspectusStudent Viewbook
Gold“It Starts With You” World ChangersDirect Mail
SilverCharles Martin VideoSpecial Video
SilverCAS Vision PackageSearch Piece
SilverTheatre Season Postcards & BrochureSpecial Promotions
MeritSeize Your Dreams Magnet MailerDirect Mail
MeritDream Bigger. Do Bigger.Direct Mail
Award ProgramLevelWinning EntryCategory
Collegiate Advertising AwardsGoldRegent University Campus IllustrationPhoto/Illustration – Single
GoldRecruitment ProspectusesBrochure – Series
GoldUniversity Theatre Season PostcardsPhoto/Illustration – Series
SilverCAS Trad ProspectusBrochure – Multiple Pages
BronzeCAS Travel BrochureBrochure – Folded/Panels
Higher Ed Marketing/30th Annual Educational Advertising AwardsGoldCAS Trad ProspectusBrochure
GoldTheatre Season PostcardsSpecial Promotions
Gold8 Week CampaignTotal Advertising
SilverCAS Acceptance PacketTotal Recruitment
SilverWhat Can You Do in 8 WeeksTV Series
BronzeRegent Reflections Video SeriesSpecial Video
MeritRecruitment ProspectusesTotal Recruitment
AddySilverTheatre Season PostcardsCampaign
Award ProgramLevelWinning EntryCategory
Collegiate Advertising AwardsGoldFor a World in CrisisFundraising Campaign
GoldWomen of Faith Event FlyerEducational Fairs
GoldUniversity Theatre Postcard SeriesDirect Mail – Series
SilverIt’s Your Time BrochureBrochure – Multiple Pages
SilverTell Your Story BrochureStudent Viewbook – Printed
Higher Ed Marketing/29th Annual Educational Advertising AwardsGoldFood for Thought. Law Direct MailDirect Mail Advertising
SilverTheatre Season PostcardsDirect Mail Advertising
SilverChristian Leader MagazinePublication/External
MeritSchool of Law – Travel BrochureBrochure
Award ProgramLevelWinning EntryCategory
Higher Ed Marketing/26th Annual Educational Advertising AwardsGoldBright MindsMagazine Advertising/Single
BronzeChristian Leader MagazinePublication/External
MeritReagan SymposiumPoster
MeritTwo Future LeadersOutdoor Transit/Billboard
AddySilverPinehurst InvitationSpecial Event Invitation
Award ProgramLevelWinning EntryCategory
Higher Ed Marketing/25th Annual Educational Advertising AwardsGoldSchool of Communication & the ArtsMagazine Advertising/Series
SilverTwo Unique StylesMagazine Advertising/Single
BronzeChristian LeadershipPublication/External
AddySilverDiscover the Regent DifferenceCollateral Material – Brochure
Award ProgramLevelWinning EntryCategory
UCDAN/AAward of ExcellenceChancellors Birthday Celebration

What elements should I have ready when I open a job?

Please have all copy or detailed copy points prepared, attach all photos or graphics with your Job Request Form, supply the insertion orders for ads, supply budget guidelines, specify quantity of materials desired, supply a realistic timeline, reference past job numbers as often as possible, provide pertinent URL for information or examples, provide correct material phone numbers, and please gain preapproval from your department head before opening any job.

Who is allowed to open a job?

Each job should be opened by the department/school marketing director or his/her approved representative.

What format should I submit copy in?

Please submit all copy in Word document format (.doc or .docx). Do not submit copy in Microsoft® Excel, Microsoft® Publisher nor Microsoft® PowerPoint formats.

How much time does it take to produce a job from start to finish?

The amount of time it takes to produce a job depends on the type of job.

Job Request Timeline

The following timeline is provided to help determine an appropriate due date for your marketing project. Shorter timelines must be approved by Marketing Production Manager Deanna Reis, at ext. 4035.

Ads/MediaAt least 30 business days
Artwork for Specialty ItemsAt least 10 business days
CopyAt least 5 business days
DisplaysAt least 25 business days
PhotographyAt least 15 business days
VideoAt least 45 business days
PrintBrochure – Folded: 5-7 weeks
Brochure – Multipage: 8-12 weeks
Envelope: 4 weeks
Flyer: 4 weeks
Invitation: 4-6 weeks
Newsletter: 4-7 weeks
One-sheet: 4 weeks
Pocket Folder: 4-6 weeks
Postcard: 4 weeks
Poster: 4-6 weeks
Prospectus: TBD based on project
WebFlash: 1-4 weeks
HTML Email: 7-10 business days
Landing Page: 10-15 business days
Microsite: 4-6 weeks
Web Banner: 7-10 business days
Website Design: 12 week minimum
Website Redesign: 8 week minimum

Do you offer video and audio production?

Regent University Marketing has established a relationship with several vendors for video projects as well as radio and TV spots. We can provide you with an estimate for these services. Marketing can manage the project for you, but the same criteria and timeline applies as for other jobs. Regent Media Services provides Regent event coverage and DVD duplication. Please contact them directly for these services.

Do you create PowerPoint presentations?

We do not create nor design PowerPoint presentations.

What photographers do you recommend?

Eric Lusher,
David Boller,
Mike Wade,
Ron Atkinson, 757.754.3303
Danielle Boudreau,
Jonathan Hargreaves,
Tyler Johnson, 757.646.8827,

What design programs do you use?

We use Adobe® Creative Suite® 3 Design Premium, which includes InDesign®, Photoshop®, Illustrator®, Acrobat®, Dreamweaver® and Flash®. We also work with Microsoft® Office 2008 for Mac. We do not use Quark Express® nor Microsoft® Publisher.

How much do you charge for your services?

Our marketing, design and copy writing services are provided as part of the university’s marketing initiative. However, in order to keep those services available to all, please follow the guidelines and timeline we have in place to maximize efficiency.

Claire Foster Vice President for University Marketing & Public Relations, Regent University.

Claire Foster
Vice President for University Marketing & Public Relations
ext. 4219

Jason McGouldrick, Director of Marketing, Regent University.

Jason McGouldrick
Director of Marketing

Brook Chalfant, Director of Editorial Services, Regent University Marketing.

Brook Chalfant
Director of Editorial Services
ext. 4026

Deanna Reis
Production Director
ext. 4035

Glenn Geisendorfer, Creative Director, Regent University Marketing.

Glenn Geisendorfer
Creative Director
ext. 4870

Amanda (Geisaka) Edds, Art Director, Regent University Marketing.

Amanda (Geisaka) Edds
Art Director
ext. 4256

Esther Keane, Digital Marketing Communications Specialist, Regent University Marketing.

Esther Keane
Digital Marketing Communications Specialist
ext. 4232

Nicole Knight
Graphic Designer/Project Manager
ext. 4991

Brandon Kolipano, Digital Web Marketing Manager, Regent University Marketing.

Brandon Kolipano
Digital Web Marketing Manager
ext. 4843

Alyssa Guiseppe Laws, Video Production Manager, Regent University Marketing.

Alyssa Guiseppe Laws
Video Production Manager
ext. 4352

Darvin Muentes, Marketing Analyst, Regent University Marketing.

Darvin Muentes
Marketing Analyst
ext. 4874

Gilead Spence
Marketing Analyst
ext. 4441

Dawn Reed, Senior Marketing Writer, Regent University Marketing.

Dawn Reed
Senior Marketing Writer
ext. 4845

Shreya Shukla Thornton, Digital Website Specialist, Regent University Marketing.

Shreya Shukla Thornton
Digital Website Specialist
ext. 4209

Endia Young, Front-End Web Developer, Regent University Marketing.

Endia Young
Front-End Web Developer
ext. 4086

Marketing Contact Form

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