Location Release

The undersigned (the “Owner”) hereby grants permission to Regent University (“Videographer”) to enter upon and use the Property/Business located at:

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(the “Property”) and the contents thereof and the appurtenances thereto with personnel, actors and equipment for the purpose of photographing, videotaping, and recording certain scenes for a video (the “Production”).

Videographer shall have the right to take videotape recordings, motion pictures, still photographs and sound recordings in, on and/or of the Property. Videographer shall have the right to photograph and depict the Property and to take exterior and interior shots of any buildings or other improvements located on said Property and photograph any people, animals, automobiles and/or any other objects on the Property. Videographer may bring such personnel and equipment as they may determine necessary onto the Property for the purpose of exercising its rights hereunder.

Permission is granted to Videographer to post Notices at any and all entrances to the Property advising that events taking place on the Property are being videotape recorded and all who enter upon the Property thereby consent to being videotape recorded and waive any claims of privacy.

Videographer, its successors, licensees and assigns, shall have exclusive ownership of and the irrevocable right to make any and all uses of the Production, or any portion thereof, worldwide in perpetuity, in all media forms whether now or hereafter known, including but not limited to all forms of website, broadcast, television, mobile phone, home video/disc, advertising and promotion of the Production. Neither the Owner, nor any tenant, nor any other party now or hereafter having an interest in the Property, shall have any right of action against Videographer or otherwise arising out of the use of said Production.

The undersigned hereby warrants and represents that the undersigned has full right and authority to enter into this agreement, and that the undersigned hereby indemnifies and holds harmless Videographer and/or its agents, from and against any and all loss, liability, costs, damages, or claims of any nature arising from, growing out of, or concerning the use of the Property except those directly caused by the negligent acts or deliberate misconduct of Videographer or its agents.

This agreement sets forth the entire understanding of the parties. No other authorization is necessary to enable Videographer to use the Property for the purpose contemplated herein.





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