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A scene being filmed during a School of Communication & the Arts project.

Media Services

Contact Details:
COM 306

M-F: 8 am – 5 pm (Office Hours)
M-F: 8 am – 8 pm (Support Hours)

As part of the IT department, Media Services provides technology support to the faculty and staff of Regent University. The department is committed to supporting Regent University’s academic technological needs now and in the future.

Classroom Support

Classroom Equipment

Learn more about equipment in classrooms or report an issue with a piece of classroom technology.

Technology Training

If you need training on the technology in the classroom, please email

Classroom Events

View classroom media fees below.

Event Support


For information on all of our rooms and event spaces, click here.

Please use this form to request assistance/equipment for an event.

For additional questions, please email

Charges & Fees

For Media Services requests submitted fewer than 30 business days in advance for events or 7 business days in advance for classes, there will be a $75 late request fee charged to your school, department, or organization.

For last minute cancellations/re-schedules (24 hours or less) or failure to communicate a cancellation/re-schedule to Media Services, a $75 fee will be charged.

Academic Classes & Support

There is no fee for use of self-service rooms or classroom training.

Event Support

  • Media fee charged per room. Room rates below.
  • Technical staff at $60/hr. (2-hour minimum).
  • Use of Media Services Staff or on call technicians is determined by Media Services based on the event request.

Outdoor Events

  • Add a 25% charge to the labor fee.

Wedding Media Package

  • A flat rate of $450
  • One technician for rehearsal and ceremony
  • Additional $60/hr per technician (if needed)
  • Audio Inputs
    • Up to 6 input sources
    • Types of input sources include: lavaliere microphone on minister, bride, or groom, handheld microphone for singer or speaker, keyboard, guitar, playback using wav or mp3 files.
  • Media
    • One video, picture, or slide show (displayed at any point before, during, or after the ceremony)
    • Can be displayed on any screen in the chapel including monitors in the lobby
    • Preferred audio/video formats are .mp3, .mov, and .mp4
    • All screens feature a 16×10 aspect ratio
    • All video and audio material must be delivered to the technician before the start of the rehearsal
  • Basic stage lighting included (no special requests)
  • Contact Founders Inn for more information here.

If you have any further questions or comments, please feel free to email us at


Media Services will only record events for usage by Regent University. We offer several self-service recording rooms that we offer training to utilize.

Please email for information on required job completion time.

Charges & Fees

Prices are not published because each production is unique. Our hourly rates will apply when a self-service option is not utilized.

Request Production

Please email to check availability for a time in the studios or to receive training on self-service rooms.


There is a variety of equipment to check out including: projectors, cameras, and portable speakers with microphones.

Charges & Fees

There is no charge to checkout equipment, but a fee will be charged for damaged equipment.

Request Production

Please email to checkout equipment.

To request a service, please submit the appropriate form:

Media Services Event Support Form
To request equipment we provide or technical service and support including video records and streamed events.

Report Equipment Problem
To report an issue with a piece of equipment.

Checkout Equipment
Please email

James Maurer
Executive Director of Media Services

Jeff Brangan
Director of Media Services Operations

Erika Corwin
Junior Lighting Engineer

Megan Fugett
Junior Video Engineer

Ryley Garrido
Junior A/V Systems Engineer

Krista Robles
Senior Media Services Technician/Office Manager

Jeff Stein
Junior Audio Engineer

What equipment does each room have?

View a complete list of all the equipment contained in a room.

What is the podium password?

You may use your Regent login ID and Password to log into the Podium PC. If you do not have this information, you will need to contact the IT Help Desk.

Is there a microphone for instructors to use in the classroom?

Media Services provides a lapel microphone for use in all large classrooms. To check the availability of microphones in a specific classroom, consult the room information page.

The projector is on, but I don’t see anything on the screen.

Please contact us if this does not work:
1. Make sure the correct input (i.e., PC, Laptop, etc.) is selected.
2. Press the “Mute” button, wait a few seconds, and press it again.
3. If this doesn’t work, turn off the system, wait a few minutes, and turn the system back on.

Can I schedule a time to record audio/video for my class?

Self-service recording spaces are available for audio/video recordings. Use of these spaces is highly encouraged. If you would like to schedule a recording in the studio, email Fee schedule applies.

Can I get one of my classes recorded and put online for students to view and/or download?

Media Services offers recording for any Regent University-related class or event. In addition, we offer the ability to have the recording placed online for post-event viewing.

Please submit this online form to request a recording.

What equipment do you have available to checkout?

Media Services offers small video cameras, tripods, projectors, and screens for regular checkout by university faculty and staff for university-related purposes. Any other equipment checkout requests will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Please email to reserve equipment for checkout.

Can I adjust the volume on the microphone in a classroom?

Microphones are set at a fixed volume in all classrooms to avoid malfunction. Please email us if you have concerns about this issue at

I am doing an event at The Founders Inn; can you help me with my media needs?

Please email

Does Media Services provide support for the COM Main Theatre and/or the COM Screening Rooms?

All requests to use either of these locations are required to fill out the form here. Once the location is confirmed, please submit an event request form.

I requested someone to set up some equipment for an event; when can I expect it to be set up?

Media Services will typically set up for events 30 minutes before the event unless we determine that the setup will require additional time. The only exception to the 30-minute rule is if the room is being occupied when we would normally set up. In this case, we will set up when the room is available.

Does Media Services loan out laptops?

Media Services does not provide laptops for events. If you need a laptop for your event, you may contact the IT Help Desk.

My password isn’t working when I log on to the podium computer; can you help me?

No, but you can contact the IT Help Desk.

I called the Media Services Helpline at x4105, but no one answered; how can I reach someone?

If no one picks up the Helpline, please leave a message, and someone will assist you as soon as possible.

Does Media Services provide a projector for events in the Library Atrium?

We do not have projectors bright enough to compete with the sun through the glass ceiling of the Atrium. We can, however, provide a projector for events that take place after sunset.

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