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School of Education Faculty

Kurt Kreassig, Ed.D., MBA
Dean, School of Education757.352.4372


Today there are many challenges to keeping the expectations of hope and opportunity alive, such as the enormous increase in students living in poverty with negative outside influences and without parental involvement. More than ever, the field of education needs men and women in teaching and administrative positions who are aligned with head, heart and hands. The head must have the knowledge to assess and respond to the problems that inhibit student learning. The heart must feel compassion as it sees students as God sees them. The hands must be skilled to perform the needed tasks with integrity and character.

For over 30 years, graduates of the School of Education have delivered opportunity and hope to tens of thousands of students. Our alumni are teaching literacy to students from diverse backgrounds while earning Teacher-of-the-Year honors. Our alumni are administrators who take the lead in raising student academic achievement and behavior — winning local, state and national recognition. Through quality education, they are providing their students with opportunities to achieve their hopes and dreams.

I invite you to investigate our teacher preparation, in-service professional training opportunities, leadership and administration course work, or our post master’s and doctoral programs. Together with our excellent faculty and dedicated staff, we can open opportunities for your hopes to be realized through the alignment of head, heart and hands.

Members of the graduate School of Education’s acclaimed faculty are familiar faces in the field of education. Their names are associated with breakthrough research and innovative thinking in an ever-widening array of arenas, from character education in public schools to strategic planning in higher education. They are leaders in Christian education, public school administration and public/private educational initiatives. They lead conventions and national conferences. They write textbooks and scholarly journals. They serve as advisors on education to our country’s leaders and speak with authority among their peers. Regent’s outstanding faculty is made up of true servant leaders who feel called to make a difference in the classroom, beginning with their own.

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Jason Baker, Ph.D.
ProfessorSenior Technology Strategist757.352.4447
Jeanna Bartel, Ed.D.
Assistant Professor
Edith Britton, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Paul Carr, Ed.D.
ProfessorEducational Psychology Program Director and Concentration Chair757.352.4768
Rachel Copeland, Ed.D.
Assistant Professor, M.Ed. Reading Specialist& Special Education;Exceptional Education Executive LeadershipProgram Director757.352.4663
Amy Davies, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor & Program DirectorChristian School Leadership
Don Finn, Ph.D.
Associate ProfessorCurriculum & Instruction Program ChairAdult Education Concentration ChairEducational Technology & Online Learning Concentration Chair757.352.4278
Jiuhan Huang, Ed.D.
Associate ProfessorTESOL Program Chair757.352.4427
Glenn Koonce, Ed.D.
Associate ProfessorEducational Leadership Program & K-12 School Leadership Concentration ChairPPD Program ChairCAEP Liaison757.352.4316
Darwin E. Mills, Ed.D.
Assistant Professor & Program DirectorLeadership in Mathematics Education
Jeff Pittman, Ph.D.
Associate ProfessorIDP & Student Affairs Program ChairHigher Education Leadership Management Concentration Chair757.352.4205
Alan Vaughan, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Mervyn J. Wighting, Ph.D.
ProfessorCareer Switcher Program Chair757.352.4321


Mercy Alarid, Ed.D.
Joshua Arnold
Alan Arroyo, Ed.D., Professor Emeritus
Shirley Auguste
Michelle Banks
Dawn Barbee
Alex Bergren
Joy Budwell
Ardene Bunch, Ed.D.
Ingrid Bynum
Dana Cavallaro, D.Min.
Herman Clark
Francie Cooney, Ed.D.
William Cox
Denise Cunningham
M. Gail Derrick, Ed.D.
Nicci Dowd
Karen Drosinos
Leon Edwards
Mitzi Fehl-Seward
Sandra Fortner, Ed.D.
Deborah Fuge
Kathryn Galford
David Geurin, Ed.D.
Gale Hall
Steven Herendeen
Debbie Hutchens
Matthew Kellogg, Ph.D.
Kambar Khoshaba
Sean Kirnan
Elizabeth Landry
Alice Ledford, Ed.D.
Julie Ann Ligon, Ph.D.
Sonja Maggi, Ed.D.
Anne Mannarino, Ed.D.
Jannette Martin
Rene Lanette Martinez, Ph.D.
Daniel Miani
Erin Mills
Tamara Moyler
Ashley Mugisha, Ph.D.
Ryan Murnane, Ph.D.
Roni S. Myers-Daub, Ed.D.
Heather Newton, Ed.D.
Karitta Page
Kim Pinello
Michael Porter
Cornelius Quek
Joy Richardson
Daryle Rodgers
Ashley Rombs
Maria Spaulding
Allyson Taylor
Jennifer Watson
Adam Williams
Arlene Williams
Cheryl Winget

Instructional Team Member

Homer Allen, M.Ed.
Moyra-Lee Babb, M.A.
Sarah McKown, M.A.
Donna Revellon, M.A.