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Regent students present the range of communication degrees offered – from journalism to acting and directing.

Communication Degrees

No matter what aspect of the storytelling arts you want to pursue, you can find a program that fits your calling at Regent University’s communication and arts division. Explore our programs below.

33+ Hours | Online

The Master of Arts in Communication will equip you to produce effective and powerful communication in several areas. Learn to become a better storyteller, manage the media or advance messaging skills within the American political arena with any of these degree programs.

M.A. in Communication – Media & Arts Management & Promotion
M.A. in Communication – Political Communication
M.A. in Communication – Strategic Communication

30+ Hours | Online

The Master of Arts in Film Producing & Management is designed for students who desire to work in the producing and executive sectors of the entertainment industry. You will learn the responsibilities and duties of producing and content creation while applying your knowledge in various media formats, including film, television, web media, live events, and emerging technologies.

M.A. in Film Producing & Management

33+ Hours | Online

The Master of Arts in Journalism will immerse you in the converging media of broadcast, print and Internet storytelling – all taught from a Christian worldview. Gain an in-depth knowledge of narrative composition and reporting for traditional and digital media applications, and learn how to get work published in professional media outlets.

M.A. in Journalism

37 Hours | On Campus or Online

The Master of Arts in Screenwriting will increase your writing skills and help you advance in your career as a commercial-level writer. You will learn from award-winning industry professionals how to write for short films, feature films and TV.

M.A. in Screenwriting

30 Hours | Online

The Master of Arts in Theatre will train you with skills, insight and knowledge for successful and influential careers in professional theatre, the academy and ministry. You may study completely online, or choose practical course options that require at least a summer residency. Through this challenging theatre program in Virginia, you will analyze live theatrical performances and great truths of the human condition through the lens of a Christian worldview.

M.A. in Theatre

60 Hours | On Campus

The Master of Fine Arts in Acting is a professional training program with the singular purpose of preparing actors to excel in a competitive marketplace. You will learn the time-tested techniques and the latest trends in contemporary actor training within the context of a faith-based curriculum.

MFA in Acting

61 Hours | On Campus

The Master of Fine Arts in Film & Television Production provides a challenging foundation in the narrative and technical aspects of production. Through this terminal degree, you will learn essential and classical elements of developing a story.

MFA in Film & Television Production

54 Hours | Online

The Master of Fine Arts in Screenwriting is a terminal degree program for professional writers. You will develop the scriptwriter in you as you hone your craft for film, television and stage.

MFA in Screenwriting

56-64 Hours | Online w/ Residency

The Doctor of Philosophy in Communication is designed for Christian scholars who are called to study the teachings, scholarly writing and research in the field of communication. Become better equipped as a Christian communicator and scholar so that you can make a lasting impact, whether as a listener, writer, speaker or thought leader.

Ph.D. in Communication

49 Hours | Online w/ Residency

The Doctor of Strategic Communication* is a highly marketable degree designed to meet the demand for exceptional professionals in high-level communication positions within government, business, nonprofit, religious and higher education sectors.

Doctor of Strategic Communication

15 Hours | Online w/ Residency

The Certificate of Graduate Studies in Theatre Practices is designed for students seeking a broad overview in acting, directing, dramaturgy and design. Credits from this certificate may be applied to the master’s program.

Certificate of Graduate Studies in Theatre Practices