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Explore the English and Communication Studies programs offered by Regent University, online and in Virginia Beach, VA 23464.

English & Communication Studies

The English and Communication Studies area equips students to stay ahead of the rapidly advancing field of communicative art, as well as literature. You’ll be challenged to seek the truth and apply it in redemptive ways to all aspects of culture. We believe literary and communication studies enable us to better understand what it means to be human, how we may best live in community with others, and how to understand and evaluate the history and traditions that have helped to shape us. Offering several exceptional degree programs on the bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral levels.

Regent University, Virginia Beach, offers on campus and online communication degrees at the bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral levels.

Distinguished Alumni

“My Regent learning experience helped inform my perspective on clients, products, the work environment and competitors, which heavily influences the work that I do.”

Shé Hall, M.A., 2011 Digital Media

“"God provided Regent University as a place of revitalization, equipping and waiting upon the Lord. I'm very grateful to the faculty and staff who gave of themselves to make Regent such an amazing place to learn."”

Shinn-Rong Chung, MFA, 2010

“My identity isn’t in whether or not I get a role; what’s important is that I’m being a good witness, that I’m being a light and loving support to other actors.”

Ashley Dakin, MFA, 2013

“We were taught practical skills for the workplace in Regent's classroom. Now I can see how they work in a professional environment.”

Ryan Clemens, MFA, 2010 Acting

“I chose Regent because of its Christian principles, as I wanted to learn how to integrate my faith with telling stories; also because of its amazing film program and facilities. Yes, my expectations were definitely met.”

Michelle Bello, M.A., 2011 Cinema Arts/Television, Directing