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The Annual Research Roundtables focus on “20 Years of Continuing the Mission” to reflect the School of Business & Leadership's commitment to Regent University’s mission of “Christian Leadership to Change the World.”

2023 Annual Research Roundtables

20 Years of Continuing the Mission

November 2-3, 2023

The theme for this year’s Regent University School of Business & Leadership Research Roundtables is “20 Years of Continuing the Mission.” We invite scholars and practitioners to join us as we reflect on two decades of scholarship and all that God has done. This reflection embraces our continued commitment to Regent University’s mission of “Christian Leadership to Change the World.” The virtual Research Roundtables will have both pre-recorded and live sessions. We invite you to virtually attend and present your research, papers, conceptual discussions, book or article reviews, or attend just for great conversation and networking.

Registration/Payment Deadlines:

  • Presenters: September 22, 2023
  • Attendees: November 1, 2023

Cost: $150 (Presenters and Attendees)

Location: Virtual

Please contact Rebecca Morgan at should you have any questions.

Call for Abstracts Deadline: August 15, 2023

Submission Guidelines

Notification of Acceptance: September 1, 2023

All accepted proposals will be notified via email by the individual roundtable chair.

The Research Roundtable Chairs will select conference papers for inclusion in the 2023 Regent Research Roundtable Proceedings. Participants interested in submitting a paper for consideration should notify the chair. The chair will then connect the presenter with the Proceedings Editors for further guidance.


What is and What May Come

On the 20th anniversary of the Regent University School of Business & Leadership Research Roundtables, we invite papers and presentations on the topic of artificial learning (AI) and machine learning within the disciplines of business and finance. Presentations may include literature reviews on theory and empirical findings. We encourage submissionsmore » that integrate a Christian Worldview with the study of AI, including elements of a systematic theology of AI in business such as eschatology, anthropology, or bibliology. Topics in business may include the effects of AI on employment, corporate governance, compliance, B2C services, and strategy. Within finance, the impact of AI is relevant for the study of behavioral investing biases, robo-advisors and quantitative algorithms, to name just a few areas for investigation in this track. I expect to receive and accept proposals on a wide range of topics, including many that present new theory. The AI track will also feature a live panel partnering some of the business presenters with the professional coaching presenters. The panel will be co-hosted by Andrew Root and Diane Wiater.

Submit your proposals to the Chair:

Dr. Andrew Root


Future Frontiers of Exegetical Research

This year marks the 20th year of Regent University School of Business and Leadership’s Research Roundtables. From the beginning, exegetical studies has been at the heart of the School of Business & Leadership’s mission. Our 20th anniversary provides scholars an opportunity to consider the excellent research of themore » applications of biblical studies in organizational contexts that has been championed at Regent University. We invite scholars of all Christian faith traditions to respectfully engage the field of knowledge and understanding of exegetical studies in leadership. We encourage research exploring topics including, but not limited to: (a) reviews of past, present, and future exegetical research of organizational leadership theories; (b) future frontiers of exegetical research; (c) new methods for studying leadership from a biblical perspective; (d) how theology has shaped exegetical analysis; (e) reviews of JBPL; and (f) unique contributions to the scholarly literature of organizational leadership from a biblical perspective. We also encourage innovative manuscripts addressing matters relating to leading with a biblical worldview in various contexts.

Submit your proposals to the Chair:

Dr. Joshua Henson


Hearing the Call of Followership

Dr. “Pat” Robertson heard the call to start the Christian Broadcasting Network in 1960. Just a few years later, Dr. Robertson received another charge from God: to build “a school for His glory.” CBN University then, Regent University now was founded in 1977. His obedience to the Lord has opened doors and opened arms for thousands of people to become “Christian Leaders to Change the World.” more »This year, the Followership Roundtable will explore the lived experiences of followers who heard the call of the Lord and obediently answered, “Here I am! Send me.” Isaiah 6:8

Submit your proposals to the Chair:

Dr. Debra Dean


Leveraging Technologies, Tools & Talent

In September 2002, Regent University’s Leadership Studies program [now the Doctor of Strategic Leadership (DSL) program] hosted its first “Foresight” conference. Dr. Kathleen Reid-Martinez and Dr. Bruce Winston gathered six futurists from business, academic, and faith-based settings for this first-of-its-kind “Foresight” Roundtable. Since that time, Regent University’s Doctor of Strategic Leadership has grown into Strategic Foresight Concentration one of the world’s largest doctoralmore » programs focused on applied Foresight and Futures Studies. As we celebrate this Holy Spirit led 20-year milestone, the Foresight Roundtable explores Foresight Leadership relative to the megatrends advancing technologies, tools, and talent innovations over the next 20-year horizon. This multi-media roundtable invites speakers to submit abstracts for video presentations, issue briefs, articles, and book chapters. A featured panel discussion will highlight the Foresight Roundtable.

Submit your proposals to the Chair:

Dr. Virginia Richardson


Looking Back, Looking Forward

This year, we celebrate 20 years of the Regent University School of Business & Leadership Research Roundtables. In honor of this accomplishment, we invite scholars and practitioners to reflect on Human Resource Development (HRD), Looking Back, and Looking Forward through a Christian perspective. HRD focuses on both employee development and organizational development through the lens of adult learning theories and organizational learning practices from a distinctlymore » Christian perspective. Topics for the HRD Roundtable can explore any of these areas, looking back at where we have come from or looking forward to where we need to go in the next 20 years.

Submit your proposals to the Chair:

Dr. Dave Winner


How Christian Faith and Entrepreneurship Converge in the Marketplace

Christian-led firms have excelled in the marketplace over the last several decades. In this Roundtable, we explore the intersection of Christian faith and entrepreneurship in the marketplace, addressing several key questions, including:

  • How the Christian distinctives of entrepreneurs influence the vision, values, mission, goals, and operations of their companies.
  • more »
  • How Christian-led firms achieve their multi-objective goals in a market-driven economy.
  • How Christian entrepreneurs pilot their firms through changing social norms and laws.
  • We are especially interested in case studies of Christian-led companies that explore and expose the detailed interplay between faith, decisions, and results.

    Submit your proposals to the Chair:

    Dr. John Mulford


Exploring Organizational Leadership and Structure

A look at past, present, and future research on faith-based and secular positive organizational studies. Topics include, but are not limited to, positive leadership styles, relationship-based leadership styles, employee well-being, faith-based organization culture and climate, person-environment fit (includes person-organization fit, person-job fit, person-supervisor fit), communication, emotional intelligence, culturalmore » intelligence, reviews of measurement instruments, and research notes on qualitative and quantitative methods and procedures.

Submit your proposals to the Chair:

Dr. Bruce E. Winston


Coaching Advances, Leadership Development, Trends, Teams, and Technology

Professional coaching is burgeoning. Attention for this milestone roundtable is on the integration of Christian faith in coaching pertaining to leadership development, trends, teams, and technology. Faith and practice are fundamental. Case studies, professional research, identification of trends, and the use of technology distinctly addressing biblical perspectives willmore » have priority in this roundtable. Focus on models developed and being used, expression of best practices, and adapting to meet client needs represent a few areas of broad interest. How are biblical principles being applied? How are Christians practicing coaching in global organizations and in team coaching? What role does AI have in the future of faith-based coaching? Perspectives and topics abound in consideration of “Coaching Advances.”

A featured live panel will partner the AI and Professional Coaching roundtables.

Submit your proposals to the Chair:

Dr. Diane M. Wiater


20 Years of Serving

This year marks the 20th year of the Servant Leadership Research Roundtable. Beginning in 2003, scholars and practitioners convened and sought to bring the scholarship forward and provide some continuity to the Servant Leadership community. In 2003, we met with only seven scholars who presented and shared their work, their research, and their heart. We have grown in insights from a biblical perspective, numbers, information, scholarship,more » events, and friendships over the years. For 2023, we invite presenters to share how the last two decades of Servant Leadership research has impacted biblical understanding, as well as the impact in their lives, leadership, followership, and communities, and to share new research, ideas, and avenues that Servant Leadership is taking.

Submit your proposals to the Chair:

Dr. Kathleen Patterson


Continuing to Innovate Over the Next 20 Years

As we look to continue the mission of “Christian Leadership to Change the World,” we want to research, evaluate, and discuss how we can encourage transformative innovation for the near term, the next 20 years, and beyond. Special emphasis this year will be on a review of the innovation wemore » have seen over the past 20 years and what we can learn from this innovation. Just as importantly, we want to apply what we have seen to help project the innovation we expect to see over the next 20 years. In this Roundtable, we will focus on the personal and organizational skills that make innovation beneficial to private and public enterprises. Speakers are welcome to submit papers, conceptual talks, and oral book reviews, all at the intersection of innovation and the Christian faith.

Submit your proposals to the Chair:

Dr. Steve Firestone

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