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The Annual Research Roundtables focus on “Continue the Mission” to reflect the School of Business & Leadership's commitment to Regent University’s mission of “Christian Leadership to Change the World.”

2021 Annual Research Roundtables

Continue the Mission

October 22-23, 2021

The theme for this year’s Research Roundtables is “Continue the Mission” reflecting our commitment to Regent University’s mission of “Christian Leadership to Change the World.” This year we, for the first time ever, are going virtual. The virtual Research Roundtables will have both pre-recorded and live sessions. The Regent University School of Business & Leadership invites you to virtually attend and present your research, papers, concept discussions, and a book or article review.

Cost: $150 (Presenters and Attendees)

Location: Virtual

Please contact Rebecca Morgan at should you have any questions.

Call for Abstracts Deadline: September 1, 2021

Submission Guidelines

Multiple proposals may be submitted. Proposals should be 500 words written in APA, MLA, or Turabian style and submitted to the appropriate roundtable chair.

Notification of Acceptance: September 7, 2021

All accepted proposals will be notified via email by the individual roundtable chair.


“Biblical Perspectives of Unity and Diversity in Organizational Leadership” is the theme for the 2021 Biblical Studies Roundtable. This essential topic has implications for both sacred and secular organizations. Scholarly manuscripts that research biblical and ecclesial perspectives of diversity and unity are welcome. We invite scholars of all Christian faith traditions to respectfully engage the field of knowledge and understanding of diversity and unity as found within Scripture. We encourage research exploring topics including, but not limited to: (a) unity and division in the early church; (b) race and ethnicity in leadership; (c) New Testament perspectives of diversity in leadership; (d) unity and diversity in ecclesial polity; and (e) contemporary implications for biblical research of unity and diversity in leadership. We also encourage innovative manuscripts addressing matters relating to the needs of an increasingly diverse and global ecclesial community.

Chair: Dr. Joshua Henson

Submit Proposals to:


“Empowering Consulting Practitioners, Leaders, and Educators” is the theme for the 2021 Consulting leadership roundtable. This roundtable will focus on innovative insights, practical applications, emerging trends and research, and tools and techniques in the world of consulting. Organizations increasingly rely on consultants to provide objective, relevant, and independent perspectives to gain a competitive edge and tackle their most challenging issues. Our discussion of the benefits and challenges of consulting will result in networking across disciplines and gaining a well-rounded perspective on how to successfully consult both today and in the future.   

Chair: Dr. Rob Freeborough

Submit Proposals to:


“HRD Implications for an Organization” is the theme for this Roundtable. Employees Matter! This is more than a phrase for organizations who embrace a Human Resource Development perspective. This roundtable will explore concepts concerning HRD and the implications for an organization. We welcome submissions that address the value of HRD, adult learning practices in organizations, developing a learning organization, and other HRD relevant topics. Speakers are welcome to submit papers, conceptual talks, and presentation slides.

Chair: Dr. W. David Winner

Submit Proposals to:


The theme is “Christian Business Leaders Advancing God’s Kingdom on Earth Through Their Business Values, Strategies, and Practices in the Face of Worldly Opposition.” Interest groups pressure companies to approve and implement their views on controversial social issues through public shaming, boycotts, laws, and corporate rating systems. What values and behavior in business will glorify God? How should Christians navigate the turbulence of values in business today? We encourage submissions on any aspect of this topic, from foundational biblical perspectives to practical guides for action.            

Chair: Dr. John Mulford

Submit Proposals to:


“An Advancing Profession: Teams, Trends, and Technology in Coaching” is the theme for the 2021 Coaching Roundtable. Increasingly, organizations are using coaching to build teams, unity, and performance. Identifying and being ahead of coaching trends is critical to the profession. The use of technology is advancing and expanding opportunities for coaches and clients, including AI to assist with goal setting, goal achievement, and behavior change. For the Coaching Roundtable presentations, practical application is critical. Case studies, revealing coaching models, and presenting best practices lend themselves well to this Roundtable.

Chair: Dr. Diane Wiater

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“Leading and Serving in Turbulent Times” is the theme for the 2021 Servant Leadership Roundtables. Since our last time together, the world has seen much turbulence and crisis with the COVID global pandemic, racial turmoil and the overall complexities we have experienced. And yet, the charge continues to serve and lead well. This roundtable will focus on the aspects of Servant Leadership that bring hope and healing to our world, change to our organizations, and how leaders can continue to focus on followers.

Chair: Dr. Kathleen Patterson

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“Future-focused Tools for Uncertain Times” is the theme for the 2021 Foresight Roundtable. Instability, volatility, and uncertainty often reveal significant limitations in traditional planning tools used for decision-making, business operations, and strategy formation. As we navigate these times of continual change and disruption, the need for early warning tools and anticipatory systems is more critical than ever before. This roundtable will feature a wide variety of foresight tools and discuss how futures thinking can serve as a multi-dimensional catalyst for organizational agility, opportunity, and resiliency.  

Chair: Dr. Virginia Richardson

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“Continue the Mission Through Continuous Transformation” is our theme for this year. For this roundtable, we have as our main goal to inform and energize the conversation among Christians who use the power of ideas to change attitudes, lives, organizations, and ultimately, the world. We encourage submissions on all areas of transformative innovation with an emphasis on how organizations can best continue the innovative processes they have in place.  In this roundtable, we will focus on the personal and organizational skills that make innovation beneficial to private and public enterprises. Speakers are welcome to submit papers, conceptual talks, and oral book reviews, all at the intersection of innovation and the Christian faith.

Chair: Dr. Steve Firestone

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