The Regent Center for Entrepreneurship seeks to apply business practices to improve the condition of disadvantaged populations.

Christian Perspectives in Leadership and Business Book Series

In partnership with Palgrave Macmillan, the School of Business & Leadership is producing the Christian Perspectives in Leadership and Business book series. This series, authored by SBL alumni and faculty, provides robust content, relevant material and a unique voice as it integrates the scholarship perspective – with full devotion to the fields of business and leadership – and faith as the foundational aspect.

Executive Mentor Program

In the spirit of II Timothy 2:2, we are pleased to offer an executive mentor program where graduate students are partnered with seasoned executives to establish transformational connections and gain valuable insights into issues such as career choice, faith-integration, networking skills and career development. For executives this program provides the opportunity to counsel and influence the next generation of leaders.

Regent Center for Entrepreneurship

Founded in 2005, the Regent Center for Entrepreneurship seeks to be a catalyst for entrepreneurship to extend God’s kingdom around the world, particularly in developing nations. The center seeks to improve the economic and spiritual condition of disadvantaged populations through business practices grounded in a Christian worldview. The center’s vision is to revitalize communities, regions and nations spiritually, socially, politically and economically through “Kingdom Entrepreneurship.”