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Dissertation: Validating a Safety Culture Instrument

Validating a Safety Culture Instrument


This report details an evaluation of the validity and reliability of an existing framework that was used as a survey instrument to help individuals assess their group’s safety culture maturity. The study begins by outlining the issue of occupational incidents and their impacts to society and individuals. An overview of the existing framework and modification into an instrument is included. An introduction and overview of the safety culture concept is provided referencing current literature. Participants, mostly manager level employees of an undisclosed global oil and gas services organization, were attendees of a 2-day training session. More than 800 surveys were originally included in the analysis, following the completion of the questionnaire as a posttraining activity. The report identifies the quantitative study methodology including exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis. Results are presented including a newly identified model, identification of 3 factors, goodness-of-fit indicators, and reliability statistics. Discussion provides interpretation of the potential model and how the factors may interact to impact an organization’s safety culture. Recommendations for future research and current practice are provided with respect to the results. Potential limitations of the study are also introduced.

By Wendy L. Harris