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Wireless Documentation

Regent has installed a Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) at many locations on campus. The wireless network is provided to supplement the existing wired campus data network in specific areas on campus such as common areas and classrooms. The SSID, otherwise known as the "Network Name", is regent_public. This is the only authorized network supplied by Regent University.

In very basic terms, Wireless LAN is a flexible data communications system implemented to extend or substitute for, a traditional wired network. Radio frequency (RF) technology is used by a wireless network to transmit and receive data over the air, minimizing the need for wired connections.

Each of the wireless access points on campus is connected to a network that is independent from the staff and lab networks. The wireless network is open to all students, faculty, staff, and campus visitors. There are no mechanisms in place to restrict usage of the wireless network such as WEP encryption or password-based authentication. As the wireless network grows and the requirements change, there may be needs that require authentication or encryption.

All access points on campus are based upon IEEE 802.11b/g technology, which specifies an 11/54 Mbps shared transmission speed. Some campus locations offer the 802.11a technology, which operates at 54 Mbps. Users with 802.11g-capable cards will be able to take advantage of the higher speeds, but users with 802.11b cards can use these access points as well.

Because of inherent limitations in wireless technology, the wireless network does not compete with wired networks in terms of performance and reliability but it does complement them with added flexibility and mobility. A traditional wired network connection is anywhere from 10 to 100 times faster than a wireless network connection, and obstacles such as walls and trees can negatively impact wireless performance. However, a wireless connection is typically at least 30 times faster than a dial-up modem connection and easily adequate for applications such as email and web surfing.

Current Wireless Access Points

Communications Building:
1st Floor Classrooms; 2nd Floor North Offices; 3rd Floor Offices; 1st Floor Green Room; Theatre Workshops/Camera Acting Labs

Classroom Building:
1st Floor Classroom* and PSC; 2nd Floor Classrooms*

Student Center:
1st Floor Ordinary and Lounge; 2nd Floor

1st Floor; 2nd Floor*; 3rd Floor*; 4th Floor; Atrium; Outside Plaza

Administration Building:
1st Floor Board Rooms and Hallways; 2nd Floor Classrooms

Robertson Hall:
Atrium; 3rd Floor Lounge; 2nd Floor Student Offices*; 2nd Floor Classrooms*; 1st Floor Classrooms and the Moot Court will be enabled during exams*

Washington DC Campus:
Available on all floors

* Indicates 802.11a access points

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