Student Life

Your college experience is meant to be life changing — to open doors and shape you for a significant career and life. That’s why Regent University, Virginia Beach, equips students with knowledge and faith, together. Whether you study online or on campus, you’ll enjoy classes that challenge your mind and advance your skills. Student life at Regent helps you develop friendships that make you stronger and Christ-centered character that helps you embrace your purpose and serve with vision.

Below, you’ll learn more about flexible on campus housing options, comfortable college dining facilities and plenty of activities to help you develop a strong sense of community.

Regent's undergraduate students may apply for the Pell Grant, after reviewing the eligibility criteria.

Bookstore & Apparel

Regent University has contracted with MBS Direct to provide a bookstore. MBS Direct Online Bookstore allows you the opportunity to see all of your required and recommended books according to your course registration. You can also search for textbook information for all classes as you make registration decisions. MBS Direct Online Bookstore offers competitive pricing, upfront guaranteed buyback offers, rental options, financial aid credit, 24/7 customer support, and free ground shipping at the start of each term.

Regent also provides an on-campus gift shop, located on the first floor of the Student Center. Stocked with Regent student and alum favorites, you can purchase Regent clothing, gifts, school supplies, and snacks there. The gift shop also sells clothes and gift items online at

College Dining

Regent Ordinary, located in the Student Center, is a quaint college dining establishment providing great food, cafeteria style, at great prices.

Contact Details:

SC 1st Floor


Regular Hours
Monday – Friday 9:00 am – 6:00 pm
Saturday & Sunday Closed
**The Ordinary does cater weekend events**
Summer Hours
[May 14, 2018–August 24, 2018]
Monday – Friday 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
**Closing Hours subject to change due to guest demand**
Saturday & Sunday Closed
**The Ordinary does cater weekend events**
July 16-20, 2018 Closed
**The Ordinary will be hosting World View**
Note: Summer hours subject to change based on events taking place at the Ordinary. Location hours will be updated on the department bulletin board.

College Diner

General Menu

Catering Menu

Purchase Reloadable Gift Cards Online

Regent Ordinary Room Reservations (for non-Regent groups)

Loft                                         $50 w/ catering                    $75 w/o catering

Fountain View                       $100 w/ catering                  $150 w/o catering

Whole Dining Room              $250 w/ catering                  $400 w/o catering

Additional housekeeping fees also apply.

Catering Process & Procedure Catering Agreement

Catering Request


Student Lounge & Coffee Shop

The Student Center is the nerve center of campus life at Regent. It houses the whimsical, spacious student lounge, which is packed with plenty of sofas, chairs and games that invite students to relax and socialize. A coffee shop was added in February 2016, and serves as a favorite gathering place for friends.

On-Campus Housing

Traditional Undergraduate Student Move-In Information

2018 Summer Residency
Housing Information

2018 Summer Conference Housing Information

Living on campus is a positive, safe and engaging experience at Regent. Students enjoy community-building activities with their hall mates, facilitated by Resident Assistants (RAs), participate in weekly Life Group meetings, and learn how to live as part of a greater community. Regent offers two on campus housing options to fit your needs: Regent Commons and Regent Village.

Contact Details:

757.352.4890 | 800.373.5504

Regent Commons, primarily for single undergrads ages 17-24, offers fully furnished apartment-style living with versatile floor plans, which range in size from studio to four-bedroom suites. Enjoy wireless Internet and cable TV service, all utilities included and amenities such as a 24-hour fitness center, courtesy washers and dryers, 24-hour security, and plenty of campus life activities. You’ll find easy access to nearby malls, restaurants and the spectacular oceanfront of Virginia Beach.

All first-year freshmen taking classes on campus (ages 17 to 24) who live outside of a 25-mile radius of Regent campus are required to live on campus in Regent Commons. Campus housing is available mid-August to early May. However, due to limited space, students beginning classes in the middle of a semester (Sessions B & D) cannot be guaranteed immediate housing, and may work with the Housing Office for alternative solutions.

Regent Village, also for singles, is generally reserved for traditional-age upperclassmen undergraduate students (17-24), older undergraduate students (ages 25+), and graduate students. The Village offers the convenience of living near campus and the atmosphere of a more traditional neighborhood, plus spacious floor plans and multiple outdoor recreational areas. Meticulously maintained, these spacious apartments are fully furnished for traditional-age undergraduate students. A variety of both furnished and unfurnished options are available for older-undergraduate (25+) and graduate students, along with a variety of floor plan configurations. A free shuttle operates between Regent Village and the school. Other amenities include balconies/porches, a community building and cost-inclusive laundry facility, playground, basketball and volleyball courts, 24-hour security, refrigerator/freezer, stove/oven, dishwasher and sink, as well as cable TV and internet – all included in housing fees.

Regent Student Housing is happy to offer married students resources for securing off-campus housing according to their needs.

On-Campus Housing Resources

All first-time freshmen who live outside of a 25-mile radius of campus and are intending to study on campus full-time are required to live on campus. In order to receive guaranteed priority housing in the Commons residence halls, students must have the following steps completed by May 1.

We will still accept first-year freshmen applications after this deadline, however, we cannot guarantee housing in the Commons after May 1.

Our goal is to ensure that all first-year freshmen receive guaranteed housing in the Commons, fully furnished apartments just steps from the heart of campus.

If you have any questions about your admissions application, call your Enrollment Counselor at 888.718.1222, email, or visit our Admissions page.

Please direct housing questions to the Housing Office at, 800.373.5504 or 757.352.4890.

Students may formally appeal to live off campus, and exceptions will normally be granted for the following:

  • Student lives with parent(s) or guardian(s) within 25 miles of Regent University. These students will be considered commuter students.
  • Student is active duty military. Copy of military ID, activation papers or letter from recruiter will be required.
  • Student is attending Regent on a part-time basis, defined as less than 12 credit hours a semester, or attending online only.
  • Student is married, engaged, or pregnant. A copy of marriage certificate, wedding announcement, or medical documentation will be required.
  • Student has financial limitations. If the student is independent and receives no support from parents; or in the event of loss of employment by a supporting parent, a letter from the parent stating such will be required. Other financial considerations must include a signed release permitting Regent Student Services office to review the student’s financial aid status and a written budget comparing costs, including utilities, cable, internet, telephone and rent.
  • Student has an existing medical condition that would be aggravated if the student lived in university housing. A letter from a physician verifying condition will be required.
  • Student has other compelling reason to reside off campus. A detailed written explanation will be required.

All appeals must be in writing using the University Housing Appeal Form along with all supporting documents. This form must be submitted to the Academic Advising Office no later than May 1. Students will be notified within 10 business days whether the appeal has been approved or denied, or if more information is needed. Submission of an appeal does NOT release the student from his or her obligations to the University, nor are all appeals automatically approved. Please plan accordingly.

Transfer students (age 24 and under) who are intending to study on campus full time and desire to live on campus are invited to submit a combined enrollment agreement and housing application to reserve a spot in the Commons residence halls. Priority is given to first-time freshmen, but transfer students are assigned apartments on a first-come, first-served basis. Please submit your combined enrollment agreement and housing application soon after your acceptance to reserve your room in the Commons. Housing notifications will be sent by July 1. If you do not receive a spot in the Commons, visit our off-campus housing listings, provided below, for nearby rooms and/or apartments to rent. Please note, transfer students are not required to live on campus, and there is no guaranteed housing deadline for transfer students. In order to apply for housing, please follow the steps below:

If you have any questions about your admissions application, call your Enrollment Counselor at 888.718.1222, email, or visit our Transfer Students Admissions page.

Please direct housing questions to the Housing Office at, 800.373.5504 or 757.352.4890.

Regent Commons offers three different floor plans to residents.

Off-Campus Housing Resources


ABODO Apartments


Private-owner Listings

The Office of Residence Life provides an off-campus referral service that includes listings of individual rooms, apartments, townhouses and houses for rent. Only Regent/CBN employees can post listings. To view these listings, click here (MyRegent ID and password is required).

If you are a Regent/CBN employee who would like to post a listing, click here (MyRegent ID and password is required).

The information provided on this site is solely for the convenience of Regent students. The fact that a premise is listed should not be considered as a recommendation or endorsement on the part of Regent University. The listings have not been inspected by Regent University nor have any steps or investigations been undertaken to confirm the accuracy of the information provided, nor the suitability of the accommodations for residential purposes.

It is the responsibility of the student to contact the landlord directly. Regent University highly recommends a personal inspection of the premises and a thorough review of all arrangements with the landlord. Any student who does not feel qualified to entertain these investigations should seek parental advice or professional assistance. Students are also warned that as tenants they may potentially incur risks which expose them to personal liability as occupiers of property. All students are encouraged to review the issue of insurance with their landlord and/or their own insurance agents.

Regent University assumes no responsibility in respect of the condition of the premises in question, the lease terms negotiated with the landlord, nor any other matter related to the leasing of the premises.