Certificate of Graduate Studies in Autism*

Although Autism Spectrum Disorder is not currently an endorsement in Virginia, Regent University's School of Education has designed the “Working with Autistic Children” Certificate. This Autism Spectrum Disorder teacher certificate is designed to effectively train educators who are increasingly needed to address special needs in education and work with the rising number of autistic children found in the classroom.

*This is a certificate only, not an endorsement from the Virginia Department of Education.

Working with Autistic Children

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, it was not until the middle of the 20th century that a name was given for a disorder that now appears to affect an estimated one out of every 110 children. This disorder causes disruption in families and unfulfilled lives for many children; it is Autism Spectrum Disorder.

The “Working with Autistic Children” Certificate can be completed through our Professional Learning program for anyone who is not a degree-seeking student. In addition, this certificate is a part of the Special Education and Individualized Master’s Programs.

For anyone currently in the Special Education M.Ed. program, the Autism Certificate can be added for an extra semester and will not include the introductory course, ETSP 600.

Cost: $200 per credit hour

Get the latest Autism news from Autism Today | Visit the Virginia Autism Council website

Required Courses:

  • ETSP/GSAS 600: Autism Overview (Fall) – 3 credits – not required for those currently in the M.Ed. in K-12 Special Education program.
  • ETSP/GSAS 610: Introduction to Identification and Assessment of Autism Spectrum Disorders (Fall) – 3 credits
  • ETSP/GSAS 620: Methods for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders (Spring) – 3 credits
  • ETSP/GSAS 630: Autism Practicum Project (Spring) – 3 credits

  • Note: Courses may be offered in other semesters.

Course Overviews:

  • ETSP 600 - An introduction to Autism covering such topics as definition of Autism Spectrum Disorders, language acquisition, behavior management, and Autism and the law. (3 credits)
  • ETSP 610 - An introduction to the history, characteristics and theory associated with Autism Spectrum Disorders to enhance understanding of Autism. (3 credits)
  • ETSP 620 - An exploration of practical educational methods of students with Autism and strategies for teaching language/communication, reading and appropriate behavior. (3 credits)
  • ETSP 630 - This applied project will require one-on-one contact with at least one autistic student. (3 credits)

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