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Regent University Campus Catering Policy
All Regent Events and Regent-Hosted Outside Group Events


Regent University offers the Regent Ordinary as its on-campus dining facility – a food court-style restaurant located in the Student Center. The menu includes an assortment of breakfast, lunch and dinner items. The Ordinary can meet office, reception or banquet-sized catering needs. For special event catering, food items may be ordered either from the regular menu or the catering menu.

The Regent Ordinary has five meeting spaces capable of serving private functions:

  • Main Dining Room: 96 person capacity
  • Fountain View Room: 40 person capacity
  • Loft: 32 person capacity
  • Conference Rm. 118: 10 person capacity
  • Patio and Adjoining Woods: 100 person capacity

While the primary focus is serving the Regent community through direct service in the Ordinary, catering for approximately 150 people is available elsewhere on the Regent campus, depending on the menu selected. Buffet-style functions and stand-up receptions may allow for a greater number of attendees as they are more manageable than plated meals.

Regent Ordinary catering for university-funded events is tax-free and saves 11.5% in taxes (Virginia: 6%, Virginia Beach: 5.5%). All outside groups are subject to these taxes, including Regent-hosted outside groups paying for their event's catering.


Regent Ordinary has the first right of refusal to cater every event held on campus and provides catering for the following functions:

  • Activities of university-recognized school, department, center, and student organizations charged to university-budgeted accounts*
  • Any Regent-hosted outside group event paid by Regent University or the outside group*

The event coordinator must be present at all times during the event and will be held responsible for the conduct of guests and for any damage to university property or extraordinary housekeeping charges.

* Student organizations raising their own funds (e.g. student fees, fundraising, etc.) for their special events are not required to utilize Regent's on-site catering and may secure food services from outside caterers. Regent departments, schools, or center events that are not using Regent funds may also use outside caterers. Food donations from related outside organizations utilizing outside caterers may be authorized; contact Purchasing to discuss.

Authorization Required

Before submitting a Catering Request Form your special event must begin the regular event process (i.e. a Special Event Approval Form approved by Academic Affairs for all department, school or center events; an Application for Special Event by Student Organization approved by Student Services for student organization events).

The Regent Ordinary requires a Catering Request Form to be submitted at least two weeks prior to the event date (submission of the form further in advance is appreciated). The estimated number of guests is required at the time the Catering Request Form is submitted for planning and budgeting purposes. A final count of guests is due within seven days of the event.

Catering must be approved by the cost center manager or supervisor. The supervisor's approval will only be accepted if he/she is a university authorized signer for that specific cost center to be billed. If unclear who has signature authorization for your organization contact your department head or the Accounts Payable (AP) office. AP maintains the list of authorized budget signers for the university. Regent Ordinary will not schedule any university event catering without prior approval. Billings are based on guaranteed counts plus any additions.


The Regent Ordinary requires a minimum of 72 hours' notice in the event of a cancellation. If cancellation notice is less than 72 hours the customer will be charged a 50% cancellation fee.


Catered functions for Regent University events are non-taxable and will be handled through interdepartmental funds transfer. All events charged to university accounts must include the correct budget cost center and authorized signature. When submitting the Catering Request Form, include as many details as possible in your description of the guests in attendance and the purpose of the event. This will assist the Ordinary to help make your event a success and the Business Office in expediting the payment.

All catered functions for Regent-hosted outside groups paid by the outside group, are subject to sales tax. Payment is required by cash, check or credit card on the day of the event – no exceptions. Under no circumstances will a Regent cost center pay for an outside group event and then allow reimbursement by the outside group.

Off-Campus Catering/Outside Caterers

The Regent Ordinary is unable to accommodate catered events that are hosted offsite or away from our campus.

In the event the Regent Ordinary or the Founders Inn* are unable to accommodate your special event you may utilize the services of other outside caterers. All outside catering services must be approved by Purchasing. A minimum of three comparative (apples-to-apples comparison) quotes are required. A contract for services or a banquet order should be submitted to Purchasing for review at least two weeks prior to the date of the event. Once approved, a current certificate of insurance (COI) from the caterer must be on file in the Administrative Services/Purchasing office at least one week prior to the event date. We are unable to utilize caterers who cannot provide a COI.

*The University-owned Founders Inn and Spa is located on Regent's campus. It is an upscale hotel and resort suitable for any of your school's or department's conference, banquet or reception planning needs. If the Ordinary is not catering the event and the event is formal (plated food, sit down reception, banquet, etc.), then a quote from the Founders Inn catering department is required. For further information, please access the Purchasing website or contact Purchasing at 757.352.4006.