#1 Best Online Graduate Education Programs in Virginia, U.S. News & World Report, 2018

#1 Best Online Graduate Education Programs in Virginia, U.S. News & World Report, 2018

#1 Best Online Graduate Education Programs in Virginia, U.S. News & World Report, 2018

Room Reservation Form

For Regent event rooms, conference rooms, and classroom space requests.

All schools, departments, and centers are required to start the events procedure by completing the Academic Affairs Special Event Approval Form (SEAF) to receive approval to hold their event. This form is to be used for all events that involve university-wide resources (Marketing and/or Advancement support) or are open to the campus community and/or friends and guests of the university. This form should also be used for Regent-Hosted Outside Group events. An approved SEAF should be received prior to completing this form.

All student organization events are required to complete their respective event applications located at www.regent.edu/studentorgs. Members-only meetings for student organizations do not require an application; therefore, the following form may be used to request space.

Advance Notice Requirements

  • Simple Meetings in conference rooms: 1-3 days is acceptable.
  • Simple Events (no food, Set UP and/or Media Request Form possible): 2 weeks in advance is permitted.
  • Fully Supported Events (food, Set UP and/or Media Request Form required): 45 days or more is required depending on scope of event.

The contact for all University classrooms is the Registrar's office - 757.352.4094, registrarrooms@regent.edu.

The contact for Special Event rooms, Ordinary rooms, Regent Chapel, Welcome Center Board Room (DIV 151), President's Boardroom, Executive Conference Room and outdoor space is Administrative Services - 757.352.4008, scheduling@regent.edu.

The contact for the Regent Room (DIV 152) is the Welcome Center Coordinator - 757.352.4727, welcomecenter@regent.edu.

The contact for the Main Stage Theatre, Studio Theatre, Film Stage, TV Studio, COM 125 (Theatre Acting Lab), COM 128 (Camera Acting Lab), All Audio and Video Editing Suites, COM 138 (Post Production Lab), COM 141 & 142 (North side Aux. Green Rooms), Screening Room A, Screening Room B, COM 155 (Animation Lab), & COM 229 (Design Lab) is Tech Ops Scheduling - online reservation form, 757.352.4807, TechScheduling@regent.edu.

All fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required.

  1. Request Type*
    Definition of simple meeting (conference room only): no food, set-up, media equipment or support required, other than what is installed in the room. All classroom requests must complete all fields.

    Simple Meeting in conference room. (The required fields for this category are bolded below and override asterisks)
    Classroom requests or Regent-Hosted Outside Group event, meeting, or class
Expected number of guests/attendees* (enter numeric values only):
Is the majority of the audience*: student org members-only
Regent community only
general public
Event Type*:
Other Event Type:
Hosting School, Dept., Center or Student Org*:
Is this a Regent Hosted Outside Group event* See Policy: Yes
Name of outside group:
For usage of a building lobby or balcony, what is the % required?:
Speaker Name*:
Speaker Affiliation* (name of organization, company, ministry, etc.):
Event/Meeting Date(s)*:
Number of Rooms Needed* (enter numeric values only):
Note: Please use the 'General Comments' section to clarify room preferences and/or time differences.
View Room Information  
Select a Room Type*:
(for any rooms not listed, please contact Admin Svcs @ x4008)
(1st Preference - required)
Additional Room(s) Needed: (2nd Preference - optional)
(3rd Preference - optional)
Event/Meeting Start Time including set up*:
Event/Meeting End Time including clean up*:
Note: Selecting the checkbox for Modify Default Time Settings will disable the default start and end times for an event.
Modify Default Time Settings Click checkbox to configure different times for multiple dates
Advertised start and end time*:
until (AM/PM NEEDED)
Do you require a media technician or additional equipment?* Yes
Note: If yes, after receiving room confirmation please submit an Equipment Request Form 30 days in advance of event.
Note: Laptops are not media equipment. Please request a laptop by emailing helpdesk@regent.edu or you can log in to MyRegent portal, click Information Technology, then click Reserve a Laptop.
Will food/beverages be served in the requested rooms*: Yes
If yes, which food source? (reserve the Costco Club card by emailing purchasing@regent.edu):
Other Food Source:
Will Music be involved*: Yes
If yes, Length of Time and Genre:
If yes, which music source?:
For tables, chairs, linens, etc., complete the Special Event Set UP Form 30 days in advance of event. All forms are located on the Special Events Website.
General Comments: