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Important Catering Tax Information: Outside caterers, including the Founders Inn, must charge taxes (Virginia: 6%, Virginia Beach 5.5%). As of April 22, 2016 everyone must present the new Tax Bulletin along with the current Tax Exempt Certificate. As a result, Regent will only be charged Virginia Beach city tax of 5.5%; the 6% State Tax will be waived. Check your contracts and retail receipts to ensure this discount is applied to all catering and prepared food purchases. This is only applicable in the State of Virginia.

Regent University offers two on-campus catering options for special events; the Regent Ordinary and the Founders Inn and Spa. Neither are able to accommodate catered events that are hosted off-campus.

Faculty, staff, and students requesting catering services for their event should read the Catering Policy and Catering Procedures for further information.

The Regent Ordinary

The Regent Ordinary has the first right of refusal for any catering event held on-campus. It is a food court-style restaurant housed in the Student Center that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner items. The Ordinary can meet office, reception or banquet-sized catering needs.

Catering selections should be ordered from the catering menu. Regent Ordinary catering for the university is tax-free and saves 11.5%. Other catering vendors, including the Founders Inn, must charge taxes (Virginia: 6%, Virginia Beach 5.5%). However, effective April 22, 2016, everyone should use the following Tax Bulletin form when making catered meal purchases for the university. This allows Regent to save the 6% state tax and is only valid in the state of Virginia. Regent-hosted outside groups are subject to paying all taxes on their catering.

In order to best serve your event, event planners must submit a Catering Request form to the Regent Ordinary at least two (2) weeks prior to the event date. This form is required for all catering requests. Approval by a cost center manager is required before submitting the Catering Request form to the Regent Ordinary. Please access the Catering Procedures for further instructions.

For more information about the Regent Ordinary, click here.

To contact Chef Jennifer Gribble, Director of Food Services, call 757.352.4924 or email

The Founders Inn and Spa

The Founders Inn and Spa is an upscale hotel and resort located on Regent’s campus. If the Regent Ordinary is not catering your meal and the event is formal (plated food, sit-down reception, banquet, etc.) then a quote from the Founders Inn is required. As the owner of the Founders Inn it is in the best interest of the university to use their services when possible. If the Founders Inn is not being utilized, a written explanation should accompany a request for another facility. A school, department, center or student organization needing a quote from Founders Inn should contact Kathy Ruley 757.352.4849 for all events that are using Regent funds. The only exception to this is for Regent events that are not using Regent funds (i.e. student organizations that raise their own funds). In that case you may contact Founders Inn directly.

The Founders Inn will provide a banquet order or contract for their services.  The cost center manager must sign the contract and include a total cost/estimate and accounting code information on the last page. Submit the completed contract to Purchasing and allow a minimum of five (5) business days for review and processing. For more information on contracts, click here.

Outside Caterers

In the event the Regent Ordinary or the Founders Inn and Spa are both unable to accommodate your special event you may utilize the services of other outside caterers. All outside catering services must be approved by Purchasing. A minimum of three comparative (apples-to-apples comparison) quotes are required. A contract for services or a banquet order should be submitted to Purchasing for review at least two (2) weeks prior to the date of the event. Once approved, a current certificate of insurance (COI) from the caterer must be on file in the Administrative Services/Purchasing department at least one (1) week prior to the event date.

The Administrative Services/Purchasing department maintains a list of approved caterers with current certificates of insurance on file. Schools or departments may obtain the list by contacting or calling 757.352.4006.

Note:  Student Organizations that raise their own funds (e.g. student fees, fund raising, etc.) for their special events are not required to utilize our on-site catering facilities and may secure food services from outside the university. A current certificate of insurance from the caterer must be on file in the Administrative Services/Purchasing department at least one (1) week prior to the event date.

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