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Tips for Submitting Copy

The online Job Request Form allows you to attach copy before you click the “submit” button. Within a few days of receiving your job request, a University Marketing staff member may contact you concerning your copy. Below are some points to remember about copy.

When first submitting copy:

  • Include your copy in the appropriate field of the job request form.
  • Make sure all of your copy is in one Word document in the order you would like it to appear.
  • Avoid attaching multiple documents when submitting copy.
  • Make sure the copy is in Word .doc format only. Please do not submit documents in the latest PC Word format .docx as we cannot open them. Please do not submit documents in Excel, PowerPoint, or Publisher.
  • Formatting your copy (e.g., with tabs, bold, italics, various sizes) is not necessary or preferred. We will do that for you.
  • Please email us copy updates that are one paragraph or longer. (Do not write long sections of copy out on the proof.)

When writing copy or copy points, ask yourself:

  • Who is my audience?
  • What are the main benefits to my audience?
  • What are my school’s selling points?
  • What is unique about my school’s program compared to competitors?

Things to remember for initial pre-proofing*:

  • Set aside some time that is free from distractions to do an in-depth reading of your proof. Do not simply skim it.
  • Highlight your changes in yellow.
  • If other people are also proofreading, please have them send their changes to you. Then, send all changes on one copy that you have approved. Again, make sure all changes are highlighted in yellow.
  • Check all phone numbers, email addresses, mail addresses, websites, program information, course descriptions and name spelling for accuracy.
  • Look for grammar and spelling mistakes.

If you have copy changes after you have already completed and approved the pre-proof:

  • Wait until you receive the next proof before sending additional changes.
  • Set aside your additional changes as you come across them so that you can implement them into the next proof you receive.
  • Any additional copy that is one paragraph or longer should be submitted via email in order to reduce the risk of errors.

Final Proof Reminder

Please review your final proof carefully to ensure that all copy and design elements meet with your approval** before the job goes to print.

*Pre-proofs are given back to the client after the Director of Editorial Services has finished editing and before the copy goes to design. This results in fewer changes later.
**Approval of the final proof by the client is acceptance by you, the client, of full liability for the final product. Any subsequent changes from the final proof are subject to a charge for time and materials involved to make such changes.