Psy.D. Anna Ord


Anna Ord, Psy.D.

M.S. in Psychology Program Director

Assistant Professor

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Some individuals have the fortunate experience of feeling certain about their career goals at a young age; however, this was not the case for Dr. Anna Ord. Born and raised in Russia, she received a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration from the Academy of National Economy in Moscow and then moved by herself at 19 to the United States to obtain a Master's Degree of Business Administration from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. After graduation she started as a Management Trainee at a large logistics corporation in Florida and over the next seven years progressed to the level of a Manager of Operations Support and later Manager of Transportation Solutions.

Nevertheless, she did not feel that working in the business world was her calling. She had chosen to study business after high school primarily because in the unstable environment of post-Soviet Russia this area of study promised financial stability and provided a unique opportunity to study and live in another country. However, when she had a chance to volunteer at a shelter for battered women in Central Florida, and later at an eating disorders treatment facility, she began to reflect on her true purpose in life. She saw how support and guidance from professional counselors and psychologists can enhance and change people's lives, and she realized that this was something she felt very passionate about. The joy she experienced through this volunteer work prompted her to enroll in a blended-format Master's program in Professional Counseling at Liberty University and subsequently in a Doctoral program in Clinical Psychology at Regent University.

Her generalist graduate training has given her opportunities to gain experience serving multiple populations in a variety of settings. She has been honored to work with individuals, couples, and groups with various clinical concerns at a university counseling center, a neuropsychology and behavioral health clinic, a residential center for eating disorders, a general hospital, and primary care clinics. She has sought to develop a wide range of clinical skills in psychotherapy, psychological and neuropsychological assessment, consultation, community outreach, teaching, and supervision. These experiences have been instrumental in her development as a psychologist.

Ord serves as an Assistant Professor at the School of Psychology & Counseling and also directs the Master's Program in General Psychology. In addition, she is completing a Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Clinical Neuropsychology at Hampton Roads Neuropsychology part-time and hopes to become a board-certified neuropsychologist one day.

Ord and her husband made Virginia Beach their home in 2011 after living in Florida for many years. They are big Steelers fans and enjoy watching football as well as going to football games. In her spare time she also enjoys reading Russian classics, listening to classical music, theatre, cooking, walking, and a variety of outdoor activities that Virginia Beach has to offer.

But most importantly, she strives to grow in her spiritual journey at all times through prayer, meditation, reading, devotions, and community time with fellow believers. Even though her professional journey to this point has not been short or straightforward, she is certain that her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ has placed her on this path for a reason, and she strives to glorify Him through everything that she does in her clinical, academic and personal endeavors.

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