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If you’re interested in a career in television, film, animation or graphic arts, Regent University’s Media & Visual Arts area is unique. Our faculty will challenge you to pursue a meaningful career in the entertainment industry by becoming the best producer, director, screenwriter, and animator you can be. Additionally, we are passionate about making films that intrigue and transform, and to that end we provide state-of-the-art equipment and facilities to offer you outstanding production experiences. Choose from several B.A., BFA, MFA and M.A. degree programs.


The study of communication and the arts is central to what God has called us to as creatures made in His image, and in particular as those redeemed by Jesus Christ. Our work together as a vibrant Christian community brings order, meaning, and beauty to those around us. We search for new ways to take joy in God and his creation — by engaging in aesthetic beauty, in story, in humor, in emotion, all the various means we have to connect with others, and doing so on the highest professional level. In so doing we make visible the invisible God and bring Christ to the world.

Distinguished Alumni


Guest Speakers

Regent University's School of Communication and the Arts seeks to serve as a creative and spiritually uplifting place where people connect with others who are working in media and the performing arts. Each year, the school welcomes an amazing cast of industry professionals. On the pages below, you will discover a few of the many artists and professionals who have shared their lives and experiences with us.


Equipment Office

The Equipment Office at Regent University provides maintenance, scheduling and check-out of equipment and facilities to students in the Media & Visual Arts division. With the latest in film and video production equipment, the Equipment Office has supported the many award-winning student productions at Regent University.

Equipment Reservation
Media & Visual Arts students planning a production project can choose the equipment ( Film Cameras, Video Cameras, Camera Support, Lighting, Sound, Grip/Electric) needed from our Web Equipment Catalog. We advise that you plan ahead for projects to make sure equipment is available for the time period you need. Prior to checking out or reserving equipment, students must read the Equipment Usage Guidelines and sign and turn in the Check-out Agreement.

Contact Us
Hours: Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Phone: 757.352.4240


Production Office

The Regent University Production Office exists to serve students and faculty in the making of films, television shows and videos here at Regent. This site will provide you with key information regarding production staff members, tools for successful productions, location planning, production forms and much more. NEW production permit for all on-campus filming.

Location Information

City of Chesapeake:
Josh Fisher – City Events Manager
Phone: 757.382.1312

City of Norfolk:
Mary Keough – Film Liaison
Phone: 757.664.4055


City of Newport News:

Becky Cutchins – Media Relations Manager, Newport News Tourism Development Office
Phone: 757.926.1429


City of Suffolk:

Theresa Earles – Tourism Development Manager
Phone: 757.514.4130


The Eastern Shore:

Kerry Allison – Executive Director of Tourism
Phone: 757.787.8268
Mobile: 757.710.1922

City of Portsmouth:

LaVoris Pace – Director, Marketing and Communications
Phone: 757.393.5143
Fax: 757.393.5475
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