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Students of Regent University's School of Business & Leadership can opt for a dual degree that involves an MBA or business program.

Joint Degrees

The Joint Degree program at Regent University offers students an opportunity to subsequently earn two master’s degrees from different Regent schools, which may reduce the overall number of credit hours required to earn those degrees. Joint master’s degrees are available between the School of Business & Leadership and Regent’s other graduate schools.

Applicants must apply for admission and be accepted to both schools as a joint degree student. Once enrolled, the student must complete both degrees before being approved for graduation. Completion of both degrees typically requires two to three years of full-time study.

Joint degree students in the School of Business & Leadership must complete the following requirements:

  • Master of Business Administration: 36 credit hours
    • Core Coursework: 30 credit hours
    • Electives: 6 credit hours
  • Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership: 27 credit hours
    • Core Coursework: 21 credit hours
    • Electives: 3 credit hours
    • Culminating Experience: 3 credit hours

As a general principle, Regent students who are currently enrolled and then decide to pursue a joint degree should seek admission to a joint degree program prior to the completion of one-third of any single degree program. This should coincide with the completion of the student’s approved degree plan (ADP); therefore, students need to consult with their faculty advisor.