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Dissertation: Faith and Christian College Operations: Understanding and Managing The Influences That Topple Christian Colleges

Faith and Christian College Operations: Understanding and Managing the Influences that Topple Christian Colleges


Countless authors, theologians, and Christian educators have weighed in regarding the secularization of American higher education. Through nearly 380 years of historical examples, Christian mottos, missions, and reputations were once at the heart of American higher educations. However, overtime, those foundations were replaced with other nonreligious ideals, philosophies, and ideologies. In today’s highly competitive and consumer-driven society, can modern-day influences impact Christian colleges in similar ways? This study extrapolated historical and empirical evidence that Christian college operations today are in a similar battle as were Christian college academics over 50 years ago. The study connects with Christian college leaders to develop a theory of principles and practices of Christian college operations.

By Brian H. Crouse