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Trusting Jesus to Be Sovereign in the Midst of the Storm

For many, the romanticized ideas of a hero are found in comic books. For Heath Burris, pastor of River Oak Church in Chesapeake, Virginia, Superman is the only one worth mentioning.

And though these superheroes are known, classically, for their ability to rescue the Lois Lanes of the world from a burning building or an evil villain, Burris told the tale of a man who rescued his followers by orchestrating their paths into a tumultuous storm.

He’s referring, of course, to the New Testament story in Matthew where Jesus calms the sea waters at the pleading of his disciples.

Burris explained the disciples learned an important lesson that day in trusting God — a lesson they wouldn’t have learned were it not for going through the storm in the first place.

“Christ had his eyes on his followers the entire time,” said Burris. “The storm was under his feet.”

Burris recalled a time in his life — his seminary years — when he was in the midst of his own storm. The details of his life, his career, his family, his calling, were yet to be revealed to him.

Burris took comfort in the fact that Christ had his eyes on him.

“There’s peace in knowing that I serve a sovereign God who’s faithful even when I’m unfaithful,” said Burris.

He explained those years of wrestling have become of a burden and more of a blessing as he looks back. Just like the disciples who witnessed one of Christ’s greatest miracles from over the side of the boat, Burris was taken through a season that helped him trust God more with his future and his life.

“Take courage, take heart in the midst of the darkest hour of your life,” said Burris. “We serve the God of authority and the God of love.”

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