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“Significant Treasures” of Simple Brilliance: Regent University Library Celebration Highlights the Works and Legacy of John Wimber

A Regent University Library celebration highlighted the legacy of John Wimber.

On Monday, March 12, Regent University students, faculty, and staff joined together at the University Library in celebration of writer and Vineyard ministries founder, the late John Wimber.

Wimber, who published numerous works on ministry, passed on November 17, 1997. The ceremony highlighted the exhibit of his works in the Regent University Library. Attendees had the chance to examine the pieces, which included both books and papers, and thumb through copies featuring Wimber’s own handwriting and signature.

“They are a truly significant treasure for the Church,” said Gordon Robertson, CEO of the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN). “My goal is to have this treasure available for scholars,” he added, sharing his hopes that Wimber’s works will be digitally available in the future.

Robertson also cited a phrase of Wimber’s — “Church planting is the greatest form of evangelism.”

“That’s the legacy of John Wimber,” Robertson continued. “It’s in the people he brought into the kingdom because of some very profound thoughts that he was able to put in very simple terms that anyone, even people without a divinity degree, could actually understand.”

“The kingdom of God is all about stewardship,” said Christy Wimber, who thanked Regent University for housing her father-in-law’s writings. “When we get to a day like this, I’m celebrating so many things that God was provisional in, and how God got us to this day.”

“These papers … they’re just brilliant,” she added. “He [John Wimber] could take something so complicated and make it so simple.”