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Regent University to Launch New Website

Big changes coming soon to
Big changes coming soon to

The World Wide Web as you know it is about to change. At least, in Regent University’s corner.

Beginning November 2016, Regent will launch a phased roll-out of a brand-new website for a seamless user experience across Regent’s communication platforms.

Over the next coming months, a small percentage of users will be redirected to the new site, with a shift in traffic to increase over time. This roll-out will ensure the user-friendliness of the site, and also give insight into analytics and inform progress of the site build-up for the anticipated launch of the full site in 2017.

Take a sneak peek at the brand-new site here.

The redesign features streamlined navigational tools, simplified access to programs and course requirements, updated campus photography, and a new page dedicated to the Spiritual & Community Life on campus.

The site was created keeping prospective students in mind for the public face of the university. Current students, faculty and staff communications will continue to operate through the University MyRegent portal.

The new site engages a fresh look and feel, and vice president for Academic Affairs, Dr. Gerson Moreno-Riaño, says it reflects highest standard of excellence – elements that have always been a part of Regent’s scholarly and community standards.

“Our presence on the Internet is no exception,” says Moreno-Riaño. “The university’s website has always provided the clearest window to the world about the beauty, excellence and loving community that is Regent. The new website that is soon to be launched takes this even further and to a higher degree. It beautifully and seamlessly depicts all that is Regent so as to provide a wonderful and informative story to prospective students, current members of our community and the entire world.”

The site reflects an extensive journey of the University’s Marketing department, curating the current site’s nearly 6,000 pages into organized, easy-accessible content. As Regent’s faculty, students and staff navigate the new era of higher education – on campus and online – Vice President of University Marketing Sherri Miller says the website redesign comes at a crucial moment in the university’s history.

“I’m very proud of the hard work my team dedicated to this redesign and to ensure that Regent remains at the forefront of such a fast-paced and competitive field,” says Miller. “So many fingerprints from so many different departments have touched this new site. It’s our hope that it truly reflects the excellence and dedication all our deans, faculty and staff serve with on our campus.”

This follows the MyRegent portal makeover released in August 2016. This new feature allows students simplified access to their degree progress, class schedules, student IDs, and on-campus resources. And the response has been overwhelmingly positive.

“We hope this new site showcases the vibrant community we have at Regent,” says Miller. “But we also want it to be a reflection of the university’s purpose: to train Christian leaders to be at the helm of industry changes. This new site is a part of that.”

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