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NROTC Preparatory Scholarship (NPS) Reservations Program Shared Resource Page

Thank you for your participation with the Naval ROTC Preparatory Program (NPP). This webpage will serve as a centralized location of resources for you as you navigate the NPP process for your institution. You will find helpful examples and guidance documents that will assist you with the setup, application, and selection processes. Each university program is unique and the samples are for reference only and must be adopted to the objectives, policies and laws applicable to your institution.

The heart of the NPSR program is the year-long university commitment to provide students, who show great potential via grades, character and extra-curricular activities but might lack competitive standardized test scores, the educational foundation necessary for NROTC success. The preparatory year is a university or privately funded NROTC Preparatory Scholarship (NPS) designed to improve students’ academic and life skills to the point that they are prepared to compete in the rigorous academic challenges associated with the NROTC program.   These scholarship reservations expand opportunities to individuals across a broad spectrum of family, social and economic circumstances. After successful completion of the University’s Preparatory year, the student is awarded an NROTC National Scholarship – up to 40 months of benefits that begin the following academic term.

Grade point averages and standardized test scores are not always the best predictors of a student’s potential to become a successful Naval Officer.  The Navy fully supports the NROTC Preparatory Programs at our host universities and are proud to play a part in opening new doors of opportunity to individuals for whom entry into the NROTC program and commissioning as a Naval officer may not have otherwise been possible.

History of the program:

Started in academic year 2018-2019, with two schools, Norfolk State University and Savannah State University and eight MIDN Candidates.  75% of the cohort represented diverse populations.  87.5% completed their preparatory year and are now MIDN on NROTC scholarship.

For academic year 2019-2020, Regent University agreed to host the national NROTC preparatory office and the program expanded to 13 schools and 66 MIDN Candidates.   University of Memphis (8), University of Maine (10), Savannah State (4), Old Dominion University (6), University of Arizona (5), Norfolk State (4), Tuskegee (1), Regent (13), Maryland (Baltimore) (1), Idaho (5), SUNY (7), Holy Cross at Notre Dame (2).

While not a diversity program, the NROTC Preparatory Scholarship Reservation (NPSR) program has successfully expanded NROTC opportunities to much more diverse populations.   For academic year 19/20, 61% of programs MIDN Candidates represented ethnically or racially diverse populations and 45% were female.  (This compares to 2019 NROTC scholarship offers across all four year programs being 28% diverse and 29% female.)  90% of this diverse population of MIDN Candidates are pursuing technical majors.

How to establish a University NROTC Preparatory Scholarship Program?

First step: The University determines their objectives and requirements.  (Navy’s objective is to increase opportunities for disadvantaged, lower income students to earn an NROTC scholarship)

Second: The university determines a notional number of NROTC Preparatory Scholarships they are willing and able to fund.   This can be very complicated depending on funds used… federal, state or private donor and applicable legal, financial aid and other policy considerations.

Third: The Preparatory Office will work with the University to determine the number of NROTC scholarships the Navy will reserve for the university’s NROTC preparatory program.  The first year the number of reservations will be set via a letter from Commander Naval Service Training Command (CNSTC) to the university president.   For following years the number will be set via an annual CNSTC announcement.

Fourth: The university posts the NPS applications to their website and begins their selection process.

Below are sample documents from participating universities, as well as, links to various program resources. Please feel free to reach out to me directly with any questions or concerns.

Very Respectfully,

Dr. Gerard W. Hall, CAPT, USN (Ret)
Senior Program Manager
Naval Service Training Command
NROTC Preparatory Programs

Sample Supporting Documents

The Application Information Sheets serve as examples of a cover letter to NPP applicants introducing them to the Preparatory Program and providing an initial outline of steps to complete their application process.

The NSI Recommendations are designed to be completed by the applicant’s Naval Science Instructor at their JROTC program.

The Reservation Letters are examples of documents sent from the Navy to the Chief Academic Officer or President of the respective institution(s) that are sponsoring seats for the NPP Program.

The Application Checklists are designed to keep NPP Applicants on track throughout the application process to ensure the timely completion of all required items.

The Congratulatory Letters are examples of award notifications to selected NPP Candidates, informing them of their acceptance into the program and scholarship award(s)

This Sample Candidate Summary is an example of how you could track and compare your applicant pool.

The Naval Service Training Command Instruction 1533.14 NROTC Preparatory Program Scholarship Reservations can be viewed here.

The Candidate Acceptance Flow Chart is an example selection process for the Navy ROTC Preparatory Program.

Participating universities can be found here.