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Welcome to Enrollment Management

We are excited about what God is doing at Regent University. Regent continues to grow and make considerable impact in the local community, our nation, and the world. We take our mission at Regent seriously as we train and equip men and women to be strong Christian leaders that are making significant contributions in service and influence around the world.

A Strong and Growing Enrollment

Students come to Regent University for many reasons. Perhaps the most compelling among them is that Regent students want a rigorous academic education that is both Christ-centered and biblically-anchored while learning from some of the most distinguished faculty in the nation.

Mission of the University

Our mission is to serve as a leading center of Christian thought and action providing an excellent education from a biblical perspective and global context in pivotal professions to equip Christian leaders to change the world.

Vision of the Office of Enrollment Management

The vision of the Enrollment Management department is to see Regent University produce excellent, high-quality graduates that will impact the world around them. This department is committed to providing strategic support to the graduate and undergraduate schools in strategic planning and all recruitment and retention efforts. Integral to that support is regular data analysis of student enrollment trends and the exploration of new marketing strategies that may bear a direct impact on future enrollment.


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