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learning circles

A learning circle is a group of individuals who come together to discuss a common interest that leads to action and change. Learning circles have been around for centuries, with notable ones being King Arthur’s Knights of the Roundtable, the United Nations, and the disciples of Jesus.

In higher education, learning circles are used to help educators enhance learning, provide further research on a topic, or to help solve a problem. Learning circles are focused on one topic or subject, based on common resources, and intended to have learning objectives that lead to action or change.

A New Teaching and Learning Circle at Regent University

A Teaching and Learning Circle moderated by numerous faculty members is forming at Regent. The communication platform for the group is Google+. Using a “wall” format, members are able to share ideas, commentaries, photos, videos and interact with others outside of Regent.

If you are interested in the general topic of teaching and learning, you are invited to join. Please contact Chris Nickel at if you would like to become a participant. As Regent grows this is an additional way, we can continue to build a strong learning community.

Google hangouts will emerge from the learning circle to address focused topics such as mobile devices for education or active learning. Typically, the moderator for the hangout will invite nine other colleagues (10 total) to join the hangout where members can dialogue and see each other online at the same time. All you need is a free Google account.