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Transforming the Christian Mind - the General Education Core Curriculum

General Education Department

At Regent University, general education is composed of a Christian liberal arts core curriculum that is centered on the mission of the University and seeks to transform students to think, live, and serve as Christian leaders in the 21st century. "Transforming the Christian Mind" - the title of the University's general education curriculum - is composed of six competencies that focus on developing Christian thinking and leadership through courses in Christian worldview thinking, Christian history and thought, Christian leadership, quantitative and scientific literacy, written and oral communication, global studies, the humanities and social sciences, and U.S. history. While there is no general education major in the University, the general education core curriculum provides students with a strong Christian liberal arts foundation that contributes to their selected major as well as to their spiritual, intellectual, and personal growth.

The College of Arts & Sciences has developed its general education curriculum to conform to the rigorous academic standards of excellence proposed by the American Council of Trustees and Alumni (ACTA). Regent University is recognized nationally as one of only 22 universities in the U.S. to receive an "A" rating by ACTA, thereby confirming the academic integrity of the core curriculum. In accordance with the ACTA standards, Regent's general education curriculum requires coursework in English Composition, Literature, Economics, U.S. History, Mathematics, and the Natural Sciences, while offering elective courses in foreign language. Foundational courses in biblical worldview, Christian leadership, Communication, Philosophy, and the Arts are also integral to the general education core.

The cornerstone course of Regent's general education core curriculum is GENE 100 The Making of the Christian Mind. In this course, students will:

  • Explore the development of a Christian worldview and philosophy of life
  • Study alternative worldviews from a Christian worldview perspective
  • Investigate the sacredness of all spheres of human life
  • Investigate the relevance of a Christian worldview to all spheres of human life and action
  • Study the works of some of Christianity's leading thinkers and writers

The capstone course of Regent's general education core curriculum is GENE 402 The Making of a Christian Leader.* In this Blackboard award-winning course, students will:

  • Explore a Christian worldview framework for leadership
  • Study the lives of exemplary Christian and non-Christian leaders
  • Study leadership principles and practices from a global context and a wide spectrum of disciplines and professions
  • Participate in a 10 hour experiential learning leadership experience

Regent's general education core curriculum is comprised of competencies that prepare students for Christian thought, action, and leadership in the 21st century. Students are educated through various courses and learning experiences to be competent in the following six areas:

  • Biblical worldview: knowledge of the Old and New Testaments and historic Christian faith, and their relevance to life and culture.
  • Cultural perspective: the biblically-grounded recognition of the events that shape cultures as well as various approaches to human knowledge, understanding, and creative expression.
  • Critical thinking and analysis: the capacity to seek truth, clarity, and accuracy through research and the application of higher order cognitive processes of analysis, synthesis, and evaluation across different contexts through the lens of a biblical worldview.
  • Written and oral communication: the application of effective communication techniques for written and oral language in a style appropriate to the subject, occasion, and audience and in relation to God's Word and one's identity as a Christian.
  • Quantitative and scientific literacy: the biblically-grounded application of mathematics and the natural sciences in the exploration of nature and human
  • Christian leadership: the enactment of Christ-like leadership and service in various roles and contexts.

* GENE 402 is the capstone general education experience for bachelor degree programs. GENE 202 The Making of a Christian Leader is the capstone general education course for associate degree programs.