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Psychology & Counseling Scholarships & Grants

Counseling and psychology degree scholarship options are primarily based on prior academic performance and are a way for the School of Psychology & Counseling to partner with you as you determine how to pay for graduate school. Other types of scholarships and grants are listed here as well. Only those programs which are based on need require a separate application - in most cases our psychology and counseling degree scholarships are offered to students who qualify for them in conjunction with the offer of admission. Click on any of the headings below to expand that scholarship category for additional information.

As you research our counseling and psychology school scholarship and grant opportunities, please keep in mind that school-based awards cannot exceed the cost of tuition. We are unable to assist with living expenses with our financial aid funding. Thank you for understanding this limitation.

  • SPC Leadership Scholarship

    Amounts Vary. A limited number of SPC Leadership Scholarships are awarded per year. Students are nominated by their faculty, to be considered for one of these Scholarships. Determining factors include demonstration of unusual potential for a mental health career, previous academic merit, professional experience, leadership potential as demonstrated by past leadership roles, service to church and community, clarity of professional goals, and spiritual maturity. No application is required for these awards. Award recipients may be requested by the dean to occasionally assist with special projects in consideration of their awards.

  • Academic Merit Scholarship

    Amounts vary. Academic Merit Scholarships are awarded to students as they enter Regent's School of Psychology & Counseling. The awards are determined at the point of admission – no application is required. Students whose undergraduate or graduate academic records show strong academic potential may qualify. Academic Merit Scholarships are awarded as a flat amount per semester. The Financial Aid Committee, in conjunction with the faculty for each program, has full discretion in awarding Academic Merit Scholarships. Factors weighed in awarding these scholarships include: MAT or GRE scores, undergraduate GPA, graduate GPA (considered only if a student has completed a graduate degree), rigor of undergraduate program, and undergraduate institution and academic accomplishments during undergraduate career. Academic Merit Scholarships are awarded for the duration of full-time enrollment in the SPC and may automatically renew if the student maintains a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.5 within their graduate program.

  • SPC Needs Grant

    Award amounts range from $250 to $2,000 per year. The School of Psychology & Counseling will award a limited number of need-based awards to students who can demonstrate need as evidenced by a completed financial condition statement on the School of Psychology & Counseling Financial Aid Application. Regent Psychology & Counseling Need-Based Grants are awarded at the discretion of the Financial Aid Committee and may be influenced by other scholarships and the student's employment status. Students who wish to be considered for need-based assistance will be required to document that they have also sought other self-help funds, namely, student loans*. These grants are last-dollar funds and typically only go to students experiencing extreme hardship or those who have exhausted all other sources of funding, including student loans. Students who wish to be considered must be an active, full-time, degree-seeking student in the School of Psychology & Counseling and submit the SPC Financial Aid Application. If awarded, students must reapply each academic year. Complete the application. Please note we will not be accepting or processing applications for 2015-16 assistance until July 15th.
    *Submission of the FAFSA is required in order to be considered for SPC need-based grants.  International students may be required to submit additional financial information to be eligible for consideration.

  • International Student Award

    $1,000 per year. This award is specifically designed for non-US citizens who are enrolled full time as degree-seeking students in the School of Psychology & Counseling. Any student studying at Regent on an F, J, H, or NATO Visa may qualify.

  • Church Match Grants

    Up to $750 match per semester . The School of Psychology & Counseling will match any church submitted support, dollar for dollar, up to $750 per semester while a student is enrolled full-time or up to $375 per semester for part-time enrollment in counseling or psychology graduate courses. These funds can only be applied toward tuition and will not be held from one semester to the next. Learn more and submit an application if you are seeking the Church Match Grant for the current academic year.

  • Teaching Assistantships (Psy.D. Students Only)

    Up to $7,500 (Scholarship and Stipend) for one year. The number of appointments made each year is determined by the faculty. Only students in their second year or beyond are considered. Interested students must apply through the University Human Resources office, submitting a formal application that includes agreement to the statement of faith. These appointments are typically for one year, but may be renewed at the discretion of the program. Recipients are under the direct supervision of a designated professor in the School of Psychology & Counseling. TA moneys are only available during the award year. Students who are awarded a TA position cannot also receive other SPC specific scholarships or grants (Academic Merit, Leadership, etc.). Unused funds cannot be rolled over into the next year.

  • Military Personnel Grant

    Amounts vary, up to 25 percent of tuition cost. This award has been specifically designed for military personnel (active duty, reserve, or National Guard) pursuing a master's or doctoral degree in the School of Psychology & Counseling. This grant is to encourage military personnel who desire to pursue a graduate level degree within a biblically based environment. This grant will assist personnel as they seek promotion or planning for a second career after military service. To be eligible, students must verify their current military status – active, reserve, or guard – each semester for which they intend to use this benefit. Veterans who qualify for tuition benefits through the VA must utilize that funding and cannot participate in the SPC Military Grant program at the same time.

  • Military Spouse Discount

    Military Spouse Discount - This discount has been specifically designed for spouses of active duty military personnel (active duty, reserve, or National Guard) pursuing a master's or doctoral degree in the School of Psychology & Counseling. This discount is to encourage military spouses who desire to pursue a graduate level degree within a biblically based environment. The amount of the student's discount will be 15% off tuition. To be eligible, students must send a photocopy of their spouse's LES (Leave and Earnings Statement) or active duty orders to the Admissions Office, to verify their current military dependent status, each semester for which they intend to use this benefit. This discount is not eligible to be combined with other scholarships or grants, with the exception of the Church Match Grant.

  • University-wide Scholarships

    Regent is able to offer a number of university-wide endowed scholarships to graduate, professional or doctoral students through the generosity of university donors. Competition for these awards is highly selective. The number of awards is limited and varies each year. Current and accepted incoming Regent University students who meet the qualifications of the scholarship may apply for an endowed scholarship. See the university-wide scholarships.

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