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Regent University provides opportunities for students to study abroad and for visiting students to study at its campus.

Study Abroad & Visiting Students

Study Abroad Students

Scholarship aid only applies to courses taken at Regent University and will not follow you as you study abroad. Federal and private loans are available to students choosing to study abroad, as long as all eligibility requirements are met. It is important to plan well in advance when pursuing a loan for your term abroad.

Regent School of Law Summer Study Abroad Program (Strasbourg, France)

  • Begin the planning in the fall or spring prior to your participation in the program.
  • Complete the Summer Aid Request Form early in the spring term prior to your travel.
  • Federal loan refunds will not be released earlier than 17 days after the first day of scheduled classes for your program. Have funds available for initial costs. Travel allowances are included as part of the budget, but are not available prior to the start of the term. Contact the Business Office for more information on how to arrange for delivery of any excess funds to you that are credited to your account above direct university charges.

Study Abroad Programs at Other Schools

  • Only credits authorized by the dean of your school will be considered aid eligible.
  • Your loan will be processed through Regent University, but your refund will be processed by your host school.
  • You must submit a Consortium Agreement or Contract Agreement* to the Financial Aid Office of both your host school and Regent’s Student Financial Aid Office. The required forms are available in the Student Financial Aid Office.

Consortium Agreement Forms are composed of:

  • Permit to Study Abroad
    This form must be authorized by the dean of your school. A copy should be kept by your school and the original given to Student Financial Aid.
  • Consortium Agreement* Form
    This form is submitted to the financial aid office of your host school. It outlines the costs, dates and courses of the program in which you will be enrolling. It also lists the contact and address to which your loan proceeds should be sent.
  • Loan funds will be disbursed co-payable to Regent University and the student. It is advised that you utilize a lender that has an EFT agreement with Regent University to ensure timely processing of the disbursement and to avoid the need for your signature to endorse the check.
  • Upon receipt, loan funds will be forwarded by a Regent University check to the person listed on the consortium agreement form for final processing/refund distribution, as long as the student maintains eligibility requirements.

*A Contract Agreement is required instead of a Consortium Agreement for non-U.S. and/or non-Title IV Aid eligible institutions. Contact the Student Financial Aid Office for more details.

Visiting Students

All aid for students visiting from other schools must be processed through the student’s home institution’s financial aid office.

Aid for Regent students visiting other schools is processed through the Student Financial Aid Office following the Consortium Agreement process defined above.