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Comprehensive Private Lender List

Please utilize all federal grant and loan eligibility prior to applying for a private educational loan.

If you plan to pursue a private educational loan, please apply directly with your lender of choice. We will certify your loan once we receive a certification request from your lender. Effective February 14, 2010, new federal regulations governing private loans may result in a longer processing time than previously experienced. Please apply early to allow sufficient time for your loan to disburse.

The following is a full list of lenders offering private loans utilized by Regent students in the past three academic years. You are free to choose any lender that provides private educational loans even if they are not listed below. This list does not constitute a preferred lender arrangement. Regent University does not endorse, suggest or prefer the use of any lenders listed. Nor does the university prohibit the use of any lender of the student’s choice. Please carefully compare the rates, terms, benefits and repayment options of your preferred loan programs before choosing a lender.

Compare private loan lenders and interest rates using ELM Select.


This list is provided as a student resource for use in the lender selection process and does not limit students from selecting a lender not represented. You are NOT required to use a lender from this list, and Student Financial Aid will promptly process a loan application from any lender that you choose as long as they currently offer private educational loans.

All staff of the Student Financial Aid Office has signed a statement acknowledging and pledging to follow the NASFAA Statement of Ethical Principles and Code of Conduct for Institutional Financial Aid Professionals. As a result, neither Regent University nor its employees, has received any type of compensation or financial incentive beyond federal legislative or regulatory standards from the lenders on this list and will remove any lender that engages in such conduct.