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Regent University has a range of student organizations and leadership opportunities.

Volunteer Offer Form

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Parent or Guardian Inducement

I/we have read the foregoing letter, and acknowledge that it is our desire for our child to participate as a volunteer at Regent University. Therefore, as an inducement for Regent University to allow our child to volunteer, we guarantee all obligations of our child, and will hold Regent University, and its officers, directors, employees and consultants harmless from and against any claims of our child or any third party related to our child’s activities at Regent University.

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Exhibit A - Standard of Personal Conduct

Regent University encourages a close and edifying relationship between faculty and students, one that will deepen the spiritual growth of each and stimulate a vigorous intellectual life in the Regent community. In order to accomplish these aims, it is imperative that Regent University faculty, staff and students conduct themselves in a Christ like and professional manner and maintain an exemplary and involved lifestyle. Regular church and chapel attendance, and participation in the activities of the Regent community and its founding organization, are encouraged for students and expected for faculty and staff.

Regent University requires members of the Regent community-faculty, staff and students-to refrain from the illegal use of drugs and the abuse of addictive substances controlled by law.

Regent also forbids the use of alcohol, illicit drugs and tobacco on campus and prohibits the abuse of these substances by the Regent community. The Apostle Paul exhorted the body of Christ that, if they truly loved their fellow man, they would set aside their personal freedom by refraining from behavior that might be a stumbling block to their weaker brother. Regent University encourages members of the Regent community to exercise their personal responsibility and, guided by Paul's admonition, appropriately set aside their personal freedom and refrain from the use of alcohol, illicit drugs and tobacco.

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